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ISB/ISDB Equipped with 3x lead ball screws

Catalog #: CE0245-1A (1216)
Pages: 24
File Size: 6.1MB
Last Updated: 01/05/2017

Download the Product Overview Brochure PDF

Introducing a high-speed actuator that reduces production costs by reducing cycle time.

  • Max. Speed 2,500mm/s
  • Max. Acceleration/Deceleration 3.0G
  • Reduced Cycle Time.
  • iai-product-overview-27-5a_w300

    UPDATED on Jan 17, 2017

    Product Overview Brochure (28.5 Edition)

    Catalog #: CE0033-28.5A (Jan 2017) (3.4 MB)

    Pages: 8

    Download the Product Overview Brochure PDF

    See what IAI has to offer! Discover our full range of motion control systems, including SCARA robots, linear actuators, table top robots, electric actuators, intelligent controllers & software, and ROBO Cylinder® electric cylinders — the smart alternative to air.


    New models added:

    RCP6(S) Series, RCS3 Servo Press type, IXP SCARA Cleanroom type, RCP5W-RA6/7/8/10 Splash-proof type, DDA Direct Drive Motors, MCON 8-axis controller, TB-02 Teaching Pendant.


    UPDATED on Jan 19, 2017

    Position Controller with PLC function

    Catalog #: CE0244-1A (1216) (4.1 MB)

    Pages: 16

    Download the SCON-LC/LCG Catalog PDF

    With PLC Function

    It's capable of operating actuators by a ladder program and ON/OFF control of I/O (input and output) signals. Small-scale devices can be controlled by SCON-LC/LCG only. For large-scale devices, load on the main PLC can be reduced by performing distributed control using SCON-LC/LCG for each procedure.

    In addition, it enables easier program simplification and troubleshooting.



    Program Controller: XSEL-RA/SA

    Catalog #: CE0243-1A (0916)
    Pages: 20
    File Size: 16.4MB
    Last Updated: 10/14/2016

    Download the XSEL-RA/SA Catalog

  • A single controller can operate up to 40 axes.
  • Greater capacity as compared with the conventional XSEL controller.
  • More advanced XSEL-RA/SA is now available!
  • DDA


    Direct Drive Motor DDA Series

    Catalog #: CE0242-1A (0916)
    Pages: 20
    File Size: 4MB
    Last Updated: 10/11/2016

    Download the DDA Series Catalog

  • High speed, high payload, high accuracy, and easy to control.
  • Introducing the direct drive motor DDA Series boasting ultimate usability.
  • CE-0233-1A_MCON


    8-axis Position Controller: MCON

    Catalog #: CE0233-1A-0916
    Pages: 20
    File Size: 9.5MB
    Last Updated: 10/3/2016

    Download Complete MCON Catalog

  • 1 unit can control the stepper motor, AC servo motor, and brush-less DC motor.
  • 8-axis controller that achieves the small size and high functionality.
  • TTA_CE0206-4A


    Tabletop Robot: TTA Series

    With Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard

    Catalog #: CE0206-4A-0716
    Pages: 64
    File Size: 19.7MB
    Last Updated: 10/14/2016

    Download Complete TTA Catalog

  • AC servo motor specification is now available.
  • All models are equipped with battery-less absolute encoder as standard.
  • RCP6/RCP6S Catalog


    Next Generation ROBO Cylinder: RCP6/RCP6S

    Catalog #: CE0238-1A-0716
    Pages: 156
    File Size: 18.8MB
    Last Updated: 9/2/2016

    Download the RCP6/RCP6S Catalog

  • ROBO Cylinder with Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard.
  • Built-in Controller Type Is Available for All Models.
  • Learn More About the RCP6 / RCP6S



    Touch Panel Teaching Pendant: TB-02

    Catalog #: CE0239-2A-0616
    Pages: 8
    File Size: 2.0MB
    Last Updated: 6/23/2016

    Download the TB-02 Catalog

  • 7-inch full color touch panel.
  • Various new functions for easy operation.
  • Can be used for both position controllers and program controllers.
  • Easy Automation Concept 01


    Booklet - "Easy Automation Concept vol.01"

    Easy Automation Concept vol.01
    Booklet #: SPH01-1A-E (Jun 2016)
    Pages: 16
    Last updated: 6/22/2016

    Learn More about the Easy Automation Concept

    RCS3 Servo Press


    RCS3 - Servo Press Compatible ROBO Cylinder with Load Cell

    Catalog #: CE0237-1.9A (Jun 2016)
    Pages: 40
    File Size: 10MB
    Last updated: 6/3/2016

    Download the RCS3 Servo Press Catalog

    Also Download the RCS3 Servo Press Full Lineup Flyer

    Catalog #: CE0237-2A-S01-0616
    Pages: 2
    File Size: 650KB
    Last updated: 6/20/2016



    AC Servo Motor ROBO Cylinder with Battery-less Absolute Encoder

    Catalog #: CE0235-1A (3/2016)
    Pages: 88
    File Size: 7.7MB
    Last updated: 6/16/2016

    Download the AC Servo Motor Catalog



    7 Benefits of ROBO Cylinder

    Catalog #: UST-7RC-3-0316
    Pages: 4
    File Size: 791KB
    Last updated: 3/22/2016

    Download the 7 Benefits of the ROBO Cylinder


    Maintenance Parts Catalog 2015

    Catalog #: CE0236-1A (0116)
    Pages: 40
    File Size: 2.1MB
    Last updated: 1/27/2016

    Download the Maintenance Parts Catalog


    RCP5 ROBO Cylinder® with Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard Equipment

    New Additions to the Series:
    Side-mounted Motor and Belt Types

    Catalog #: CE0215-7A (0116)
    Pages: 92
    File Size: 14.7MB

    Download the New Edition RCP5 Catalog

    Learn More about RCP5 Series

    Simple Introductory Brochure (4 pages) for RCP5 Also Available
    Catalog #: CE0215-7A-S01-1015
    Pages: 4
    File Size: 1.7MB

    Download the Simple Brochure


    RCP4-SA3/RA3, RCP4CR-SA3

    * Side-mounted Motor Type Added

    Catalog #: CE0220-3A (1215)
    Pages: 16
    File Size: 3.3MB
    Last updated: 1/27/2016

    Download the RCP4-SA3/RA3 Catalog

  • SA3/RA3 Type with 32mm Actuator Width Now Has a Side-mounted Motor Type
  • RCP4-SA3R - Side-mounted Motor, Slider Type
  • RCP4-RA3R - Side-mounted Motor, Radial Cylinder Rod Type
  • Learn More about the RCP4 Actuators

    Remote I/O Unit

    Remote I/O Unit

    Catalog #: CE0228-1A (1115)
    Pages: 8
    File Size: 1.2 MB

    Download the Remote I/O Unit Catalog

    Introducing the Remote I/O Unit, which allows you to easily expand the number of I/O points on the controller.

  • The remote I/O units have input-only model (IN specification) and output-only model (OUT specification), and each are equipped with 32 I/O points.
  • You can install a maximum of 8 units (Note 1) each of the IN specification and OUT specification models, for a total of 16 units.
  • The maximum expansion is 256 points (Note 1) for input and 256 points for output.
  • Learn More about the Remote I/O Unit


    PowerCON SCARA IXP Series

    More Arm Lengths to Choose from:
    180/250/550/650mm Now Available

    Catalog #: CE0219-3A (0915)
    Pages: 28
    File Size: 6.1MB

    Download the PowerCON IXP SCARA Catalog

  • Introducing new arm lengths 180/250/550/650mm added in cost-effective IXP Series.
  • All models come standard with battery-less absolute encoders.

    ICSB/ICSPB Catalog

    More Arm Lengths to Choose from:
    180/250/550/650mm Now Available

    Catalog #: CE0217-1A (0915)
    Pages: 316

    The ICSA Series Cartesian Robots have been renewed to ICSB!

    Learn More about the ICSB / ICSPB

    Catalog Section Downloads:


    ROBO Cylinder Rotary Type: RCP2CR-RT/RCP2W-RT

    *Cleanroom Type and Dust-proof Type Now Available

    Catalog #: CJ0223-1A-UST-1-0615
    Pages: 16
    File Size: 2.2 MB

    Cleanroom Type and Dust-proof/Splash-proof Type are now added to the lineup of the rotary type actuators.

    Download the RCP2CR-RT / RCP2W-RT Catalog

    Learn More about the RCP2CR-RT / RCP2W-RT


    RCP2CR-GR/ RCP2W-GR Catalog

    * Cleanroom Type and Dust-proof Type Now Available

    Catalog #: CJ0218-1A-UST-1-0315
    Pages: 12
    File Size: 2.5 MB

    Cleanroom type and Dust-proof type are now added to the lineup of the two-fingered gripper RCP2-GRS/GRM and three-fingered gripper RCP2-GR3SS/GR3SM series

    Download the RCP2CR-GR/ RCP2W-GR Catalog

    Learn More about the RCP2CR-GR/ RCP2W-GR


    CT4 Catalog

    * Pick and Rotate Series Added

    Catalog #: CJ0194-3A-UST-1-0115
    Pages: 20
    File Size: 3.6 MB

    Higher rigidity, more efficient operation range, and greater straight moving performance can be achieved than standard parallel-linked robots!

    Download the CT4 High-speed Cartesian Catalog

    Learn More about the CT4 High-speed Cartesian Robot


    LC-Ladder Programming Software for MSEP-LC

    * Pick and Rotate Series Added

    Catalog #: CJ0214-1A-UST-1-1114
    Pages: 8
    File Size: 2 MB

    Controlling actuators with ROBO Cylinder position controllers used to require hard work to write ladder programs. PLC memory allocation needed to be considered, signals sent to the position controller, position numbers defined, and movements triggered with the correct timing. However, the MSEP-LC's DFC command makes programming simple, providing static allocation of internal memory and timing-free command sending.

    Learn More about the LC-Ladder Programming Software

    The LC-Ladder Software is free to download. (Login required)

    Download the LC-Ladder catalog


    MSEL-PC/-PG Program Controller for ROBO Cylinder

    Introducing the ROBO Cylinder 4-axis program controller MSEL with High-output PowerCON driver

    Catalog #: CJ0222-1A-UST-1-1214
    Pages: 12
    File Size: 2 MB

    Actuators with a pulse motor in the past were able to control only up to two axes with one program controller. By using MSEL, four axes will be available for control. It is also available for interpolation operation.

    By applying the PowerCON, it is now possible to perform interpolation operation with ROBO Cylinders RCP5 and RCP4, which are applicable for high-output driver, but were not feasible with the PSEL program controller in the past.

    Learn More about the MSEL-PC/-PG Program Controller

    Download the MSEL-PC/-PG Program Controller catalog


    SCON-CAL Position Controller

    For Single-axis Robots / Cartesian Robots / ROBO Cylinder RCS2/RCS3

    Catalog #: CJ0221-1A-UST-1-1214
    Pages: 16
    File Size: 2.4 MB

    The SCON-CAL controller saves you installation space. It measures only 49 mm wide, 158 mm high and 116 mm deep, making it 34% smaller in volume than the SCON-CA. Multiple SCON-CALs can be installed without leaving any space in between, which helps reduce the installation space for your control panel.

    When the absolute battery voltage or fan speed drops, the warning LED turns on. With this function, you are informed visually when to replace a maintenance part. The controller can also be set up to output a warning signal.

    Field networks CC-Link, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, MECHATROLINK-I/II, CompoNet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET IO are supported.

    Learn More about the SCON-CAL Position Controller

    Download the SCON-CAL Position Controller catalog


    ROBO Cylinder® General Catalog

    (10 sections)

    Catalog #: CJ0203-2A-UST-1-0614
    Pages: 907

    ROBO Cylinders® are the energy efficient solution to your pneumatic system complications. The ROBO Cylinder® electric actuators achieve easy operation, high functionality, energy-savings and low costs. Offering a wide lineup, they help you resolve various problems you are facing in system design.

    Download a Specific ROBO Cylinder Catalog Section below or use the ROBO Cylinder Selection Tool.

    1 Overview Preface / Pre 1-54 (9.3 MB)
    2 Slider types / P1-144 (17.8 MB)
    3 Rod types / P145-300 (16.4 MB)
    4 Table, Arm, and Flat types / P301-370 (7.8 MB)
    5 Gripper and Rotary types / P371-416 (4.8 MB)
    6 Linear Servo types / P417-442 (2.5 MB)
    7 Cleanroom types / P443-492 (6.5 MB)
    8 Dust and Splash-Proof types / P493-522 (4.8 MB)
    9 Controllers / P523-718 (20 MB)
    10 Technical Reference and Index / A 1-135 (9.8 MB)
    *(Additional New Products) ACON/DCON-CA Catalog (2.5 MB)


    MSEP-C / LC Controller

    Catalog #: CJ0216-2A-UST-1-0215
    Pages: 28
    File size: 4.8 MB

    Operating the actuator and controlling the ON/OFF of I/O (input/output) signals using a ladder logic program is now possible. If your equipment is small enough, the MSEP-LC is all you need to control it. If your equipment is larger in size, you can still use the MSEP-LC to perform distributed control for each process to reduce the load of the main PLC. The MSEP-LC also makes your program simpler and troubleshooting easier.

    Learn More about the MSEP-C / LC Controller

    Download the MSEP-C / LC Controller Catalog


    RCD, RCP2, RCP4 Grippers

    Catalog #: CJ0207-1A-UST-2-0914
    Pages: 32
    File size: 3.8 MB

    Achieving High-speed Opening/Closing and High Gripping Force, the ROBO Cylinder® Vertical Grippers
    1. Slider Type and Lever Type
    2. Supporting Multi-point Positioning, Adjustable Gripping Force
    3. Highly Rigid, Accurate Guide and Driving Part
    4. Self-locking Mechanism to Prevent the Work Part from Dropping upon Power Off
    5. Ultra-compact Slider Type: RCD-GRSNA

    Learn More about the Vertical Gripper Series

    Download the RCD, RCP2, RCP4 Grippers Catalog

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