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IAI RCS3 servo press


Compact and low-thrust rod type actuator that can even be used for simple pressing. The high-precision position control enables easy adjustment of the push force and the position control, which is typically difficult for oil-hydraulic equipment.
Now, High-payload Rod Type without Load Cell is also available!

Product Lineup:



Loading Repeatability is ±0.5%

1st in Industry  

IAI's Servo Press has superior loading accuracy which contributes to increased processing quality.   Loadcell closeup



Variety of Product Groups: 8 Models in the Lineup


The applicable thrust is from 2kg to 5t (50,000N). Ample lineup is prepared.
servo press 8 models thrust chart



Supports Traceability

Without using an external load cell, encoder or PLC,
processing history data such as positioning (mm), load (N),
and pressure results can be output to a PLC, computer or
dedicated display unit.
Scon CB
*SCON-CB/CGB-_ _F Type
Controller for
Servo Press ROBO Cylinder



Simple Setting - 4 Steps

It only requires the simple 4-step input of
position, speed, acceleration and load for
each pressing operation to the press program
input sheet for the PC compatible software.

STEP 1: Select operation mode
STEP 2: Input home position
STEP 3: Input position, load, and speed
STEP 4: Input pressing judgement condition
Servo Press Program Screenshot



Newly Developed 3kW Motor Driver Achieved Max. Thrust of 5t and Max. of 200mm/sec

IAI's original control technology has achieved both a "5t trust" and "220mm/s approach speed"
with the 3kW motor.
RCS3 Servo Press 8 models

The Servo Press Specification Available

The servo press specification has been expanded. With the load cell equipped as standard feature, force control is possible.

What Is the Push-motion Operation?

Similar to an air cylinder, push-motion operation is the function of keeping the rod and slider pushed to the work, etc. Servo press provides superior stop stability during pressing, which makes them optimal for push-motion operation. Also, servo press can be used in a wide variety of applications because they can be used in work operations that require strong push force, such as press fitting and riveting work.

What Is the Force Control?

A function that can perform high-precision push control output using the feedback data from the dedicated load cell installed in the actuator.

What Is the Servo Press Specification?

The specification which can perform various push-motion operations by using the press program. For details, please click here.

RCS3 Application Examples

High-precision Load Control

By attaching a dedicated load cell to the rod tip, the actual load applied to the press target can be detected. This allows for high-precision load control with a loading repeatability of ±0.5% F.S. (full scale).

NOTE: * If a Load Cell Calibration Certificate is required from the load cell vendor, there is an extra charge and it must be ordered on the same PO as the actuator. Ordering the certificate after purchasing the actuator will require sending the load cell back to Japan.

RCS3 Points
Dedicated load cell

Increased Product Offerings

Three new types have been added, allowing you to select from a 20N to 50,000N (2kg to 5t) range. The development of a large variety of models allows you to pick models that suit your applications.

Product Lineup - Servo Press Specification Servo Press Specification

Product Lineup - High-Payload Rod Type (Position Type without Load Cell) High-Payload Rod Type (Position Type without Load Cell)

Connectivity with External Equipment

It’s possible to perform analog output of load data (4-20mA). By using a display panel manufactured by a third party, it is possible to display 2D graphs of the displacement vs. load cell output and judge them. Also, connecting a pulse counter allows you to check the feedback pulses.
Connectivity with External Equipment

*SCON-CB/CGB-_ _F Type
  Controller for Servo Press
  ROBO Cylinder

Load Cell Servo Press Programming Feature is Available in ROBO Cylinder® Software

With the Press Programming feature in the RC software, one of two control methods, "Speed Control" or "Force Control", can be selected. In addition, one of four stop conditions, "Position", "Distance", "Load", or "Incremental Load", can be selected as the method for stopping. By utilizing a total of eight types of press methods, it is possible to handle a variety of press operations.

Explanation of Operation

Explanation of Operation

Program Screen

Program Screen

Example-of-press-fitting-a-machine part into a washer


Explanation of Operation

From the end of press to the end of the stop state, it is possible to perform position judgment and load judgment. Explanation of Operation

● When a result of NG has been detected for either the position or load, the program ends abnormally
● It is also possible to set position only, load only, or neither

Model List

Product Lineup - Servo Press Specification Servo Press Specification

Product Lineup - High-Payload Rod Type (Position Type without Load Cell) High-Payload Rod Type (Position Type without Load Cell)

Videos from Tokyo International Robot Exhibition (December, 2017 and 2015)

Compatible Controller

SCON-CB Servo Press Type
SCON-CB Servo Press Type



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