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Technical Reference

Table of Contents
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Actuator Installation Method1-341
Actuator Installation Orientation1-345
Allowable Moment1-327
Ballscrew Accuracy1-334
C Type Snap Ring1-525
Caution for Installation (DD DDA DDW RCS3-CT8C CT4)1-351
Caution when Using a Guide with a Rod Type1-330
Caution when Using a Guide with a Slider Type1-332
Classification and Features of Plastics1-535
Considerations when Switching from Air Cylinders1-325
Correlation Diagram of Push Force and Current Limit1-389
Correlation Table by RoHS Order/ CE Mark / UL Listed Models1-361
DD Motor Selection Method1-490
Deflection Calculation Formula1-534
Diagrammatic Representation of Plane Surface1-512
Dimensional Tolerance of Used for Most Fit Holes1-507
Discontinued and Replacement Models1-547
Double Slider Allowable Dynamic Moment / Overhang Load Length1-337
E Type Snap Ring / Spring Pin1-527
Electric Wire1-545
Explanation of Terms1-377
Force Control Function1-388
Foundation of Fit Selection1-506
Gripper Selection Method1-480
Guide-Equipped Type1-463
Hardness Conversion Table1-518
Hexagon Bolt1-522
Hexagon Nut1-523
Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw1-519
Hexagon Socket Set Screw1-521
IF Series Motor Installation Orientation1-349
Illustration Method of Geometric Tolerances1-499
Intermediate Support Structure (patented)1-335
International System of Unit SI1-497
Introduction to SEL Language1-369
Introduction to SEL Language - Sample Program 1 Rivet Stopping Device1-373
Introduction to SEL Language - Sample Program 2 Palletizing Device1-375
Key and Key Groove1-529
Material - Aluminum Alloy1-541
Material - Resin / Rubber1-543
Material - Stainless Steel1-539
Material - Steel1-537
Mechanical Materials1-533
Method of Calculating Properties / Volume / Weight of Metal Material1-504
Metric Coarse Thread1-513
Metric Fine Thread1-514
Mini Rod Type Anti-Rotation Installation Method1-353
Normal Tolerance of Processing Dimensions1-502
Off-board Tuning Function1-411
Old Type Conversion Table (ROBO Cylinder servo motor system)1-552
Old Type Conversion Table (ROBO Cylinder stepper motor system)1-550
Old Type Conversion Table (Single axis robot)1-554
Operational Life1-328
Overseas Standard1-359
Parallel Thread for Pipe1-516
Pressing Operation1-387
Protection Structure1-336
RCA2 Guide-Equipped Type Technical Reference1-479
RCD Rod Type Installation Method / Other Installation Method1-354
RCP4W-SA Installation Orientation1-350
Reference for Setting the Speed of PowerCON SCARA Robot IXP1-496
Reference for Setting the Speed of SCARA Robot IX1-493
Rotary Selection Method1-485
RS series Selection Method1-492
Safety Category Supported Type1-340
Second Moment of Cross-Section, Other Calculation Method1-505
Selection Guideline for Allowable Radial Cylinder Load Mass1-471
Special Specification1-357
Split Pin1-524
Spring Calculation1-528
Spring Pin / E Type Snap Ring1-527
Structure and Principles of Movement of a Single-Axis Robot1-334
Surface Roughness1-511
Surface Treatment1-531
Symbol of Quantity and Unit : Name and Symbol of Chemical Element1-503
Tables of Payload by Speed/Acceleration1-417
Taper Thread for Pipe1-517
Types of Robot Feedback Control1-335
Unified Coarse Thread / Fine Thread1-515
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