Advancing to a New Era with ELECYLINDER

Designed for Simplicity from Start-up to Maintenance
Speed / Acceleration can be set in just 5 minutes.

Next-generation ROBO Cylinder® RCP6

Electric Actuator with Battery-less Absolute Encoder, Higher Accuracy,
High-output PowerCON Controller

International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo

See Video of IAI's Newest Electric Actuators!

New PowerCON SCARA Robot IXP Series

Lower-cost Precision Stepper Type SCARA Robots with Battery-less Absolute Encoder

New Tabletop Robot TTA Series

Battery-less Absolute Encoder, New A/C Servo Motor Type
and Higher Max Payload, Max Speed, & Precision.

Dust / Splash / Water-proof Electric Actuators

Wide variety of dust / splash / water-proof rod, slider, gripper, & rotary actuators.