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High-Speed SCARA Fastest In The Industry!

IXA Series

SCARA Robot 

Offers better performance and
functionality than previous models.


1 IXA High-speed SCARA Achieve Fastest Cycle Times

              * The following measurements were taken during arch motion cycle operation under the following conditions.


2 Achieves a Lower Price

              Our new SCARA robot is even more affordable than previous models.
              Plus, it offers even better performance and functionality.


3 Low Vibration, Accurate Positioning

              Higher rigidity and optimized control mean significantly less vibration while stopping.


4 Equipped with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard

              There is no need to replace batteries and less maintenance.


5 Mechanical Structure/Features



Type Model Number of axes Arm length (mm) Vertical stroke (mm) Standard cycle time (s) Continuous cycle time (s) Max payload (kg)
1st arm 2nd arm
Standard type IXA-3NNN3015 3-axis 120 180 150 0.38 0.55 3
IXA-4NNN3015 4-axis
IXA-3NNN4518 3-axis 200 250 180 3
IXA-4NNN4518 4-axis
IXA-3NNN4533 3-axis 330
IXA-4NNN4533 4-axis
IXA-3NNN6018 3-axis 350 250 180 6
IXA-4NNN6018 4-axis
IXA-3NNN6033 3-axis 330
IXA-4NNN6033 4-axis
High-speed type IXA-3NSN3015 3-axis 120 180 150 0.26 0.45 8
IXA-4NSN3015 4-axis
IXA-3NSN4518 3-axis 200 250 180 10
IXA-4NSN4518 4-axis
IXA-3NSN4533 3-axis 330
IXA-4NSN4533 4-axis
IXA-3NSN6018 3-axis 350 250 180 12
IXA-4NSN6018 4-axis
IXA-3NSN6033 3-axis 330
IXA-4NSN6033 4-axis


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