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High-Speed SCARA Fastest In The Industry!

IXA Series

Offers better performance and
functionality than previous models.


1 IXA High-speed SCARA Achieve Fastest Cycle Times


IXA Cycletime


2 Achieves a Lower Price

                    Our new SCARA robot is even more affordable than previous models.
                    Plus, it offers even better performance and functionality.


3 Low Vibration, Accurate Positioning

                    Higher rigidity and optimized control mean significantly less vibration while stopping.

IXA low vibration


4 Equipped with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard

                    There is no need to replace batteries and less maintenance.

Ixa feat 4a


5 Dust-proof / Splash-proof specification suitable for environment

                    Compliant to degree of protection of IP65

IXA dust-proof splash-proof


Solid particle (Summary) dust-proof *
Dusts are totally shut out and do not ingress the main body.
Water (Summary) Protection against water jet *
Direct water jet from any direction shall have no harmful effects.
*IEC 60529 / JIS C 0920

IXA IP indication


6 Mechanical Structure/Features

IXA Mechanical structure features



8 Control Functions by Controller

◾ Compliance control
It controls the robot motion softly by sensing external forces and supports fitting of the workpiece by reducing the contact force at the time of insertion.


IXA Compliance Control


◾ Collision detection function
If the SCARA robot detects a collision with an object, it stops the operation immediately.
It reduces damages on the gripper, workpiece and robot when a collision occurs.


IXA Collision Detection Function



IXA application 1

IXA application 2

IXA application 3


titlebar aProduct lineup titlebar b

Type Model Number of axes Arm length (mm) Vertical stroke
cycle time (s)
cycle time (s)
Max payload
1st arm 2nd arm
Standard type
IXA-3NNN1805 3-axis 80 100 50 0.26 0.45 1
IXA-4NNN1805 4-axis
Standard type IXA-3NNN3015 3-axis 120 180 150 0.38 0.55 3
IXA-4NNN3015 4-axis
IXA-3NNN4518 3-axis 200 250 180 3
IXA-4NNN4518 4-axis
IXA-3NNN4533 3-axis 330
IXA-4NNN4533 4-axis
IXA-3NNN6018 3-axis 350 250 180 6
IXA-4NNN6018 4-axis
IXA-3NNN6033 3-axis 330
IXA-4NNN6033 4-axis
High-speed type IXA-3NSN3015 3-axis 120 180 150 0.26 0.45 8
IXA-4NSN3015 4-axis
IXA-3NSN4518 3-axis 200 250 180 10
IXA-4NSN4518 4-axis
IXA-3NSN4533 3-axis 330
IXA-4NSN4533 4-axis
IXA-3NSN6018 3-axis 350 250 180 12
IXA-4NSN6018 4-axis
IXA-3NSN6033 3-axis 330
IXA-4NSN6033 4-axis
High-speed type
IXA-4NSW3015 4-axis 155 145 150 0.38 0.69 6
IXA-4NSW4518 200 250 180 0.55 8
IXA-4NSW4533 330
IXA-4NSW6018 350 250 180 0.57 10
IXA-4NSW6033 330


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