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IAI Cables Search Tool (v4.0)

Use this IAI Cables Search Tool to help you find the IAI Cable part number(s) you need for your IAI product(s).

  • Start by selecting an Actuator series, a Controller model, any other choices if needed, then click the "Search" button.
  • To reset any selections and start a new search, please click the "Clear Filters" button.
  • If you need a cable for an actuator not listed here, please contact us at a support line.
    ++ Use this as a guide only. Please contact us at a support line to confirm your selection. ++
    ●●● specifies the cable length. (Examples: 1m: 010 , 3m: 030)

    * Group Code = Group Code for Applicable Controller

    (Version 4.0 - Updated on 8/24/2022)
    ++ Use this as a guide only. Please contact us at a support line listed at the top of this page to confirm your selection. ++

    Additional Notes:

      Please click the following link of the note to see the details.

    2020-08-28: Note for cable connector cover change * Applicable Product: RCP6 and RCP5
    Cable Part Number: CB-CAN-MPA□□□, CB-CAN-MPA□□□ -RB, CB-ADPC-MPA□□□, CB-ADPC-MPA□□□-RB, CB-PCS2-MPA□□□, CB-CA-AJ002
    2024-01-23: Notice of change in SIO cable wire material * Applicable Models:
    CB-RCA-SIO□□□ (Communication cable for PC software), CB-RCB-SIO□□□ (Communication cable for PC software), CB-RCB-CTL002 (Controller link cable),
    CB-CON-LB□□□ (Controller connection cable for TP adapter), IA-OS-C (The above cable CB-RCA-SIO050 is included), RCM-101-USB (The above cable CB-RCA-SIO050 is included)
    2024-01-26: Notice when ordering the specification cable (CB-PSEP-MP***) * Applicable Models:
    Please order CB-PSEP-MPB***-CT02-SP(ES-080-2-00091-*).
    Please do not order CB-PSEP-MPA***-CT02-SP(ES-080-2-00071-*).

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