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Controller Gateway units (Standard type):
RCON-GW-DV (DeviceNet connection)
RCON-GW-CC (CC-Link connection)
RCON-GW-CIE (CC-Link IE Field connection)
RCON-GW-EC (EtherCAT connection)
RCON-GW-EP (EtherNet/IP connection)

Gateway units (Safety Category Spec):
RCON-GWG-DV (DeviceNet connection)
RCON-GWG-CC (CC-Link connection)
RCON-GWG-CIE (CC-Link IE Field connection)
RCON-GWG-EC (EtherCAT connection)
RCON-GWG-EP (EtherNet/IP connection)

Driver units:
RCON-PC-1 (Stepper motor 1-axis)
RCON-PC-2 (Stepper motor 2-axis)
RCON-PCF-1 (High thrust stepper motor 1-axis)
RCON-PCF-1 (High thrust stepper motor 2-axis)
RCON-AC-1 (AC servo motor 1-axis)
RCON-AC-2 (AC servo motor 2-axis)
RCON-DC-1 (DC brush-less motor 1-axis)
RCON-DC-2 (DC brush-less motor 2-axis)

Expansion unit: RCON-EXT

Simple absolute unit:
RCON-ABU-P (Stepper motor)
RCON-ABU-A (AC servo motor)
RCON Catalog
RCON is recommended for actuators with two axes or more.
Save up to 85% of control panel space.
- Up to 16 axes of actuators can be connected
- Can be connected to various field networks.
- Predictive maintenance/preventative maintenance function

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1stCE0264-1A (0619)402019-06
Compact controller that can be connected to the battery-less absolute encoder. Equipped with useful functions for a low price.
* For product with battery-less absolute encoder
* Power CON type
* Equipped with Smart tuning function enhanced monitor function
* Preventative maintenance
1stCE0240-1A (1217)222018-01
Controller SCON-LC | SCON-LCG? ?SCON-LC/LCG Position controller with PLC function Catalog?
Capable of operating actuators by a ladder program and ON/OFF control of I/O (input and output) signals. In addition, the LC-LADDER editing software can be used to easily create, monitor and debug a ladder program.
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1stCE0244-1A (1216)162016-12
Controller XSEL-RA | XSEL-SA XSEL-RA/SA Program Controller Catalog
This controller can operate up to 40 axes. Greater capacity as compared with the conventional XSEL controller.
1stCE0243-1A (0916)202016-10
Controller MCON-C | MCON-CG MCON position controller for ROBO Cylinder® Catalog
One unit can control the stepper motor, AC servo motor, and brush-less DC motor. 8-axis controller that achieves high functionality in a small size.
Controller EIOU-1 Remote I/O Unit for SEL Related Controllers Catalog
Allows you to easily expand the number of I/O points on the controller. The small product size allows easy installation using DIN rail mounts.
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1stCE0228-1A (1115)82015-11
Controller LC-LADDER Ladder Programming Software for MSEP-LC: LC-LADDER Catalog
The MSEP-LC's DFC command makes programming simple, providing static allocation of internal memory and timing-free command sending.
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Controller MSEL-PC | MSEL-PG MSEL-PC/PG Program Controller for ROBO Cylinder® Catalog
For RCP5 / RCP4 / RCP3 / RCP2. Control a maximum of 4 axes available with pulse motor mounted ROBO Cylinder. Also available for interpolation operation.
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Controller SCON-CAL | SCON-CGAL SCON-CAL: Position Controller for Single-axis Robots / Cartesian Robots / ROBO Cylinder® RCS2/RCS3 Catalog
The SCON-CAL measures only 49 mm wide, 158 mm high and 116 mm deep, making it substantially smaller than the SCON-CA. Multiple SCON-CALs can be installed without leaving any space in between.
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Controller MSEP-C | MSEP-LC MSEP-C / LC Position Controller for ROBO Cylinder® Catalog
Operating the actuator and controlling the ON/OFF of I/O signals using a ladder logic program is now possible.
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Controller ACON-CA | DCON-CA ACON-CA / DCON-CA Positioner Controllers for RCA/ RCA2/ RCL/ RCD Catalog
The offboard tuning function lets you set an optimal gain for the load. With the DCON-CA, the Micro cylinder can handle multi-point positioning of 512 positions.
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Controller MSCON-C MSCON ROBO Cylinder® Position Controller 6-axis Type Catalog
- Space-saving, low-cost, and easy to use
- Movement by numerical specification via Field network
- Offboard tuning function to enhance actuator payload capacity
- Vibration control function for shorter cycle time
Controller XSEL-R | XSEL-S XSEL-R/S Program Controller XSEL Series 8-axis Specification Catalog
- Capable of operating up to 8 axes
- DeviceNet master function (RC Gateway function)
- Supports EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP
Controller PCON-CA | PCON-CFA PCON-CA/ CFA Field Network Controllers Catalog
- DeviceNet, CC-Link, PROFIBUS-DP, CompoNet, MECHATROLINK (I, II), EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP are supported
- Key features include wire-saving, position number specification, and current position read
- PCON-CFA is for High-thrust Motors
Controller MSEP-C MSEP Position Controller for ROBO Cylinder® 8-axes Catalog
- Compact Design
- Supports major field networks
- Supports both the pulse motor and the servo motor
- Absolute position encoder is available
Controller SCON-CA SCON-CA Single-axis/ Linear Servo Actuator Position Controller for RCS2/RCS3 Catalog
- Offboard tuning to increase the actuator's load capacity
- Supports major field networks
- Vibration control function that shortens cycle time
- Force control function for accurate push-motion
Controller PCON-C | PCON-CG | ACON-C | ACON-CG PCON-C/CG ACON-C/CG EtherNet/IP Field Network Controllers Flyer
PCON / ACONs are now available in EtherNet/IP-ready versions. International Standard Network allows high-speed communication with its peripheral devices.
Controller PCON-C | PCON-CG | ACON-C | ACON-CG PCON-C/CG ACON-C/CG EtherCAT Field Network Controllers Flyer
High-speed communication to eliminate the bottlenecks of networks. PCON/ACONs are now available in EtherCAT-ready versions.
ControllerXSEL-P | XSEL-Q X-SEL Controller Vision System Interface Function Flyer
You can use high-functional vision systems from specialized manufacturers, such as Omron, Keyence and Cognex. Camera can capture up to 5 mega pixels.
ControllerXSEL-P | XSEL-Q XSEL-P/Q Electronic Cam Function Controller Option Catalog
The controller recreates the movements of mechanical cams! An electronic cam controls the slave axis in synchronization with the master axis, using pulse trains, according to a pre-defined electronic cam table.
ControllerXSEL-PX4 | XSEL-PX5 | XSEL-PX6 | XSEL-QX4 | XSEL-QX5 | XSEL-QX6 XSEL-PX/QX Large Capacity SCARA Controller Catalog
A large-capacity SCARA controller capable of controlling up to six axes. The X-SEL PX/QX can control SCARA robots plus up to two axes in a combination of single-axis and/or cartesian robots. Conveyor tracking function is also possible.
ControllerPMEC-C | AMEC-C PMEC / AMEC 3 Position Controller for ROBO Cylinder® Catalog
The new revolutionary MEC controller is designed with easy operation in mind. Get setup and running in record time with the intuitive user panel of the MEC controller.
Acceleration and speed can easily be adjusted by a turn of the knob.
ControllerPSEL-C | PCON-ABU
NOTE: PSEL, ASEL, SSEL controllers updated to PSEL-CS, ASEL-CS, & SSEL-CS controllers.
PSEL-C-ABU Program Controllers that support Simple Absolute Flyer
- The simple absolute eliminates the need for a home return. The unit works immediately when connected to a power source.
- The controller can interpolate 2 axes. The proprietary SEL language enables easy programming of difficult operations.
- Encoder data can be saved for a maximum of 20 days.
NOTE: PSEL, ASEL, SSEL controllers updated to PSEL-CS, ASEL-CS, & SSEL-CS controllers.
Field Network Controllers Catalog
The controller an be connected directly to major networks, DeviceNet, CC-Link, ProfiBus, Ethernet. The ROBONET, PCON and ACON controllers can operate actuators based on direct specification of target positions as numerical values.
ControllerREXT-SIO | REXT-CTL RoboNet REXT (Extension Unit) Flyer
The units enable the reduction of horizontal width by using cross-over cabling with ROBONET, making smaller control panels possible.
ControllerPCON-CF-86P PCON-CF: Controller for RCP2 High-Output Motor Actuators Flyer
This model is a positioner type that can execute up to 512 positioning points. Tje I/O signal pin assignments can be changed for each function, from an available 6 or more pin patterns.
ControllerACON-ABU | PCON-ABU ACON-ABU / PCON-ABU Simple Absolute Units Flyer
By simply connecting to the ACON / PCON controller, the RCA / RCP2 actuator is changed to the basic absolute specifications.
ControllerRGW-DV | RGW-CC | RGW-PR | RGW-SIO | RACON | RPCON | RABU ROBONET Network Controller Catalog
RoboNet is a new type of controller unit that can freely operate robot cylinders via a field network. Reduce the time and effort of wiring installation compared to conventional controllers by reducing wiring, making the controller smaller, and using DIN rail installation.
2ndCJ0109-2A (June 2007)122007-06
ControllerXSEL-J | XSEL-K | XSEL-KE | XSEL-KT | XSEL-P | XSEL-Q | XSEL-JX | XSEL-KX | XSEL-PX | XSEL-QX X-SEL High-Function Multi-Axes Controller Catalog
You can operate your single-axis/cartesian robot according to the preferred control method. The X-SEL controllers support representative field networks such as DeviceNet, CC-Link, ProfiBus and Ethernet.
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