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IAI Software

IAI USB Driver

IAI USB Driver Download Please right click on the link and 'Save Target As'. Note: The IAI PC Software kit is a purchased item. Please contact your distributor for more information. Supports: Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista (32bit and 64bit) Windows 7 (32bit and...

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SEL Program Generator Software Download

The free SEL program generator is for use with the latest TTA Tabletop Robot. September 13, 2017 Update Click on the "Download" tab above to see the download link and overview of the new Screw-tightening, the new Soldering, and the new Simulator functions.  ...

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Add-On Instructions AOI for IAI Controllers

Free Add-on Instructions (AOI) and User Defined Data Types (UDT) are available for IAI controllers ACON, PCON, SCON and MSEP-C, operating in Full-Direct communication mode only. * Login required to download. They are saved as exported .L5X files from RSLogix 5000...

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Field Network Configuration Files

These Field Network Configuration Files are available to download. Before downloading, please open and read the following Software License Agreement (PDF file) of the software you want to download. You may not download and/or use this software if you do not agree to...

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LC-Ladder Programming Software for MSEP-LC

- Simple operation commands for actuators - - Easy to operate, easy-to-read screen - - Software Covers Ladder Program Data Editing to Debugging - For Full Specs, Download the LC-Ladder Programming Software Catalog Download the LC-Ladder Software...

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DD Selection Software

To calculate operating conditions, use the DD motor selection software. DD Motor Product Page Move to the Download Page                

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MEC PC Software Download

The MEC PC Software and Manual are available to download for free. Please read about the easy MEC 3-position Controllers if you are not yet familiar with them. Supported Operating Systems Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4 or later) Windows XP (32 bit / Service Pack 2 or...

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DXF Import Tool Tutorial Video

The DXF import feature is a function of the IAI X-SEL software. The X-SEL software is compatible with XSEL, ASEL, PSEL, and SSEL controllers. The X-SEL software version 7.09 has the DXF import feature. Please watch the tutorial video to learn more. DXF - Data/Drawing...

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ROBO Cylinder PC Software v7 with ASEP/PSEP/DSEP

The new ROBO Cylinder PC Software version 7 is now available. Please view the video tutorial above. There are no changes in the functionality of the software for the following controllers: PCON, ACON, SCON, ERC2 The changes for the new ROBO Cylinder PC Software...

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Connecting IAI Products to Other Software

Connecting IAI products to machinery of other makes - Information concerning communications 1) ROBONET Modbus communication function block / Omron PLC (CS1/CJ1 Series) When connecting ROBONET controllers to an Omron PLC (CS1/CJ1 Series) you will need to download a...

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IAI Software Version History

MEC PC Software Version History Download is available at the MEC PC Software page. Version Revision Date Compatible Models (○ : Supported) Revision Notes AMEC PMEC ERC3 (MEC mode) V2.01.01.00 Sept 2014 ○ ○ ○ Latest version.Maintenance information configuration...

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