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The free SEL program generator is for use with the latest TTA Tabletop Robot.

September 13, 2017 Update
Click on the "Download" tab above to see the download link and overview of the new Screw-tightening, the new Soldering, and the new Simulator functions.


Manual Programming Is No Longer Required for the TTA Tabletop Robot

  • The SEL Program Generator eliminates the tedious work of program creation.
The SEL Program Generator is a PC tool that automatically generates a SEL program and positioning data simply by drawing the operation path on the screen.

* The first version only supports the application operations.

Until now, Creating SEL programs and positioning data from scratch required a lot of processes and time.

Tta feature5

Using the SEL Program Generator...

The tedious work of program creation is eliminated for dramatically increased convenience.

• Reduced processes • Shortened time • Improved productivity

2 types of drawing methods can be used to create the operating path.

1. Reading DXF data

2. Drawing with the mouse

Drawing program

Furthermore, the created pathway and actual traveled path are displayed on top of each other to allow for corrections to be made.

Correcting operating path

This SEL Program Generator is for use with the latest TTA Tabletop Robot.

After downloading, decompress and execute "setup.exe" in the folder to install it.

Software Version Supported OS Released Download
SEL Program Generator V4.1.0.0 Windows 7
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows 10
September 2017 SEL_GEN.zip
(28.6 MB)


September 13, 2017 Update

In addition to the specification for dispensing, a new specification for screw-tightening and specification for soldering have been added to the SEL Program Generator.

Furthermore, a new simulator function has been implemented, which enables the cycle time calculation of a program created by SEL Generator without connecting to the actual actuator.


Overview of Specification for Screw-tightening

  • Secure tightening: Tighten a screw taken from a feeder with a screw driver until tightening torque reaches a specified torque.
  • Tentative tightening: Loosen a screw by a specified amount after secure tightening.
  • Tentative fitting: Tighten a screw taken from a feeder by a specified amount.
  • Secure tightening of a tentatively-fit screw: Tighten a screw which is tentatively fit or tightened until tightening torque reaches a specified torque.
  • Loosening: Loosen a screw which is tightened to remove it, and dispose it at a specified position.
  • Detection of screw tightening error: This error turns ON upon detecting screw tightening error (screw floating or screw spinning).

Overview of Specification for Soldering

  • Point soldering: Move to the "soldering position" to perform soldering.
  • Linear soldering: After moving to the "soldering start position," move to the "soldering end position" while performing soldering.
  • Cleaning of iron tip: Move to the cleaning position to perform the cleaning of iron tip by air blow, etc.

Simulator Function

  • Calculate the cycle time of a program created by SEL Generator.
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