You can download the free SEL program generator for use with the latest TTA Tabletop Robot.

After downloading, decompress and execute "setup.exe" in the folder to install it.

Software Version Supported OS Released Download
SEL Program Generator V1.00.00.00 Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8 / 8.1
July 2016
(6 MB)


Manual Programming Is No Longer Required for the TTA Tabletop Robot

  • The SEL Program Generator eliminates the tedious work of program creation.
The SEL Program Generator is a PC tool that automatically generates a SEL program and positioning data simply by drawing the operation path on the screen.

* The first version only supports the application operations.

Until now, Creating SEL programs and positioning data from scratch required a lot of processes and time.

Using the SEL Program Generator...

The tedious work of program creation is eliminated for dramatically increased convenience.

• Reduced processes • Shortened time • Improved productivity

2 types of drawing methods can be used to create the operating path.

1. Reading DXF data

2. Drawing with the mouse

Furthermore, the created pathway and actual traveled path are displayed on top of each other to allow for corrections to be made.

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