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- Simple operation commands for actuators -
- Easy to operate, easy-to-read screen -
- Software Covers Ladder Program Data Editing to Debugging -

1. Simple operation commands for actuators
Controlling actuators with ROBO Cylinder position controllers used to require hard work to write ladder programs. PLC memory allocation needed to be considered, signals sent to the position controller, position numbers defined, and movements triggered with the correct timing.

The MSEP-LC's DFC command makes programming simple, providing static allocation of internal memory and timing-free command sending.

lc-ladder_feature22. Easy to operate, easy-to-read screen

The simple design cuts out rarely-used functions and focuses on operation.

Even people who have never written a ladder program before can easily begin coding.


3. Multiple Functions

All the functions you need to create and edit ladder software are included, letting you efficiently build your software.

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