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New Products and Updates – 1

Special Specification Products CE0277-2A cover

Special Specification Products

Catalog #: CE0277-2A (2021APR)
Pages: 32
File Size: 3.4 MB
Last Updated: 2021-APR

Information on Dedicated Models of the most requested special specifications.

You can now check for special specifications using this catalog.

IXA CE0256-4A cover 300


Catalog #: CE0256-4A (2021APR)
Pages: 84
File Size: 26 MB
Last Updated: 2021-APR

New Arm Lengths 800/1000mm types added!
* Fastest in the Industry
* Achieves lower price
* Equipped with a battery-less Absolute Encoder
* Dust / Splash-proof Specification
* Compliance Control and Collision Detection Function

lineup guide ce0033-35a cover

IAI Robot Lineup Guide

Catalog #: CE0033-35A (2021FEB)
Pages: 8 | File Size: 9.2 MB
Last Updated: 2021-FEB

An updated, simplified guide that summarizes the IAI Products Lineup. It presents the main products categorized by actuator type.

NOTE: This does not contain every actuator/robot series like the Products Overview Brochure does.

air to electronic 2pflyer

Mini ROBO Cylinder and EC: Switching from Air to Electric

Catalog #: EC_and_Mini-ROBO-Cylinder
Pages: 2 | File Size: 0.5 MB
Last Updated: 2021-FEB

Do you find it difficult to switch?

  • Electric cylinders are available at equivalent sizes to replace air cylinders.
  • Mini ROBO Cylinders are compact thanks to a hollow motor that shortens the overall length.
300 ec 2pflyer digital transformation 20210201

ELECYLINDER® Achieves DX* of the Production Line

Catalog #: EC_2pflyer_degital_transformation_20210201
Pages: 2 | File Size: 0.6 MB
Last Updated: 2021-FEB

* DX = Digital Transformation
ELECYLINDER transforms the production line by using digital advancements to improve efficiencies.

  • Digitally setting accurate travel times eliminates bottlenecks and brings significant cost savings.
300 RCON 2pflyer added 3 motion networks 20210201

Introducing IAI Controllers Supporting Motion Networks

Catalog #: RCON_2pflyer_added_3_motion_networks_20210201
Pages: 2 | File Size: 0.5 MB
Last Updated: 2021-FEB

IAI's RCON driver-linkage type controller now supports three motion networks!

  • High-speed operations synchronized with general-purpose servo motors are possible.
  • Great for short cycle-time automation equipment used in packaging and picking electronics components.
TB-03E TB-02E cover300

TB-03E/TB-02E teaching pendant with dedicated power supply unit 

Catalog #: CE0275-1A (2020DEC)
Pages: 12 | File Size: 0.8 MB
Last Updated: 2020-DEC

Trial operation and data setting of an ELECYLINDER® prior to system electric wiring are possible since the teaching pendant has its own power supply unit!

  • Wireless connection enables configuration and trial operation even in places out of reach.
  • Monitor the operating status for up to 16 axes while receiving wireless data from the ELECYLINDER®.
RCS4 CE0255 1.6A 300px cover

RCS4 / RCS4CR ROBO Cylinder®

Catalog #: CE0255-1.6A (2020NOV)
Pages: 202
File Size: 30 MB
Last Updated: 2020-NOV

* Off-board Tuning information added
* Servo Motor Type
* Battery-less Absolute Encoder means Home return not required, Battery replacement not required
* An abundant lineup of 54 models

ec belt cover 300px

EC Belt Driven Type

Catalog #: CE0267-1.5A
Pages: 30 | File Size: 2 MB
Last Updated: 2020-OCT

New Belt Driven type has been added to the ELECYLINDER series.
Also, new additions with Digital Speed Controller have been added.

  • Belt Driven System does not decrease maximum speed.
  • Max. payload: 20kg.
2020 Technical Reference C0306-1-1a cover

2020 General Technical Reference

Catalog #: CE0306-1-1A (2020OCT)
Pages: 216
File Size: 90 MB
Last Updated: 2020-OCT

2020 General Technical Reference
Contains technical explanations for IAI products such as:
- Allowable Moment
- Operational Life
- Caution when Using a guide with a Rod or Slider Type
- Structure of a Single-Axis Robot
- Types of Robot Feedback Control
- Ballscrew Accuracy, etc.

ec digispeedconset covers

Complete set of Three EC Series Catalogs

Zip File Set: 21MB - Last Updated: 2020-OCT

ELECYLINDER® Introduction Catalog
Catalog #: CE0268-1A (2020JUN) - Pages: 64
An easy to follow introduction to ELECYLINDER actuator types.
- Simple Setup. Only the start point and end point are required.
- Optional built-in push-button digital speed controller.
- Wireless connection option.
- 5 times longer life and 1/5 electrical consumption than an air cylinder.
- Easily repairable in the event of a breakdown.

ELECYLINDER® Large Slider Type
Catalog #: CE0273-2A (2020AUG) - Pages: 32
Compared to the conventional pulse motor model this large slider type has a longer stroke and operates at higher speeds.
- Maximum stroke 2500mm.
- Maximum speed 2000m/s.
- Maximum payload 108kg.
- Compatible with wireless teaching.
- Motor drive DC power unit can supply power for up to 6 axes.

New Additions for EC Belt Driven Type
Catalog #: ECBelt Type with Digital Speed Controller (2020OCT) - Pages: 8
- EC Belt types with built-in Digital Speed Controller with buttons on the actuator to set up positions, acceleration, velocity, deceleration.

isp single axis set covers

Complete Set of Two ISB Series Catalogs

Zip File Set: 12 MB - Last Updated: 2020-10

ISB/SSPA Single-Axis Robot Series Catalog
Catalog #: CE0172-2A-UST-2.5A (0618) - Pages: 80
A major revamp of the single-axis robot IS series with improvements all around; from preciseness, rigidity and payload capacity to speed and acceleration/deceleration.
* High-precision type is available and positioning repeatability is up to ±3µm.

IS(P)B-WXM LARGE Single-Axis Robot Series Catalog
Catalog #: CE0276-1A (2020SEP) - Pages: 10
Large single-axis types with a 400kg horizontal payload are now available!
- Maximum stroke 3000 mm.
- Maximum speed 2500 mm/s.
- Maximum acceleration/deceleration 1.2G.
- Maximum payload capacity: Horizontal 400kg , Vertical 70kg.

2020 controller general ce0306-7-1a cover300

2020 Controllers General Catalog

Catalog #: CE0306-7-1A (2020)
Pages: 319
File Size: 89 MB
Last Updated: 2020-09
NSA CE0266-2A cover

NSA Rotating Nut type Actuator

Catalog #: CE0266-2A (2020AUG)
Pages: 72 | File Size: 9 MB
Last Updated: 2020-08

* New Models Added *
Ultra-high speed with long stroke.
Equipped with a Battery-less absolute encoder.
- Stroke: 2,300mm
- Max. speed: 2,500mm/s
- Max. payload: 120kg

CRS CE0274-1A cover

CRS Cartesian Type 6-Axis Robot

Catalog #: CE0274-1A (2020AUG)
Pages: 68 | File Size: 9.5 MB
Last Updated: 2020-08

Robot with 6 degrees of freedom combining 3 cartesian and 3 rotational axes.

  • Operations with a high degree of freedom are possible including rotation and turning.
  • Many variations and combinations are available.
  • An optimal stroke size can be selected for each of X, Y and Z axes.
  • Battery-less absolute encoders are equipped standard.
r unit ce0272 1a cover

R-Unit Controller Series

Catalog #: CE0272-1A (2020AUG)
Pages: 80 | File Size: 17 MB
Last Updated: 2020-08

This series of unit-connecting controllers allows you to freely select and combine connected actuators and control methods.

  • Unit-connecting controllers support a wide array of combinations!
  • Use the same driver units
  • Saves space inside the control panel
ec rtc cover


Catalog #: CE0271-1A (2020JUN)
Pages: 20 | File Size: 2.5 MB
Last Updated: 2020-06

New Rotary type has been added to the ELECYLINDER series.

  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration eliminates impacts.
  • 2-point positioning.
  • Built-in controller.
  • Wireless connection option.

2020 Gripper & Rotary Products Lineup

Catalog #: N/A
Pages: 4 | File Size: 2.8 MB
Last Updated: 2020-MAY

Lineup Overview of Grippers and Rotaries

2020 Gripper & Rotary Products Specifications Chart

Catalog #: N/A
Pages: 2 | File Size: 0.5 MB
Last Updated: 2020-MAY

Specifications Chart of Grippers and Rotaries

EC Stopper Cylinder

Catalog #: CE0270-1A
Pages: 2 | File Size: 0.6 MB
Last Updated: 2020-MAR

New Stopper Cylinder type has been added to the ELECYLINDER series.

  • Ideal as a workpiece-stopper on a conveyor line without air source.
  • Workpieces up to 50kg.

Newest Additions to the ELECYLINDER Series

Catalog #: Lineup-from (CE0250-10A-2019-10)
Pages: 12
File Size: 3.7 MB
Last Updated: 10/23/2019

New types have joined the EC family.
- Small types (Sliders) (Radial Cylinders)
- High-rigidity types (Sliders) (Radial Cylinders)
- Splash-proof type (Radial Cylinders)
- Side-mounted motor types


Catalog #: CE0250-10A (0919)
Pages: 132 | File Size: 29 MB
Last Updated: 08/12/2019

We're ushering in a new era of easy electric cylinders.
Simple / High performance / Profitable / Wireless
Equipped with a Battery-less absolute encoder.

New additions:
- IP67 Dust/Splash-proof Radial Cylinder types

Product Overview 30.8A

Catalog #: CE0033-30.8A Overview (0319)
Pages: 8 | File Size: 3.4 MB
Last Updated: 03/09/2019

See what IAI has to offer! Discover our full range of motion control systems, including the New ELECYLINDER® (added to the series: Mini Rod, Mini Table, High Rigidity Slider, Radial Cylinder, and Waterproof type), SCARA robots, Cartesian robots, linear actuators, table top robots, intelligent controllers & software, and ROBO Cylinder®.


Catalog #: CE0264-1A (0619)
Pages: 40 | File Size: 9.3 MB
Last Updated: 06/24/2019

Save space inside the control panel.
RCON is recommended for actuators with two axes or more.
Save up to 85% of control panel space.
- Up to 16 axes of actuators can be connected
- Can be connected to various field networks.
- Predictive maintenance/preventative maintenance function

RCP6-RTFML Hollow Rotary

Catalog #: CE0261-1A
Pages: 12 | File Size: 3.2 MB
Last Updated: 01/09/2019

  • Slim and lightweight with large-diameter hollow shaft of φ49, suitable for combined axes
  • Thin type with rotation part 47mm thickness, with unit weight of 2.2 kg
  • Can be combined with Cartesian axis, Gripper or Wrist Unit

RCP6-RTCK Rotary Chuck

Catalog #: CE0262-1A
Pages: 28 | File Size: 3.9 MB
Last Updated: 01/09/2019

  • Can be rotated to any angle
  • Motorized rotation and gripping consolidated into a single unit
  • Multipoint positioning of the rotation part
  • Compact size
  • Highly flexible installation

RCP6(S)-GRST Long Stroke Gripper type

Catalog #: CE0260-1A (0618)
Pages: 24
File Size: 2.3 MB
Last Updated: 06/20/2018

*Long stroke gripper is ideal for grasping large workpieces
*High grip force of up to 440N
*Equipped with a Battery-less absolute encoder *Built-in controller type available

GRS Solenoid Gripper type

Catalog #: CE0258-1A (0618)
Pages: 12
File Size: 1.8 MB
Last Updated: 06/13/2018

* Small, affordable, easy to operate!
* Low price
* ON/OFF control with a single wire
* Long life

EC High Rigidity Radial Cylinder type

Catalog #: CE0257-1A (0618)
Pages: 8
File Size: 2.2 MB
Last Updated: 06/13/2018

* Built-in ball circulating linear guide has evolved into a 4-row guide!
* The era of built-in guides has begun.

RCS3 Servo Press

RCS3 Servo Press Compatible ROBO Cylinder with Load Cell

Catalog #: CE0237-3.6A (2020NOV)
Pages: 52 | File Size: 31.5 MB
Last Updated: 11/18/2020

* Rod type actuators that can be used for simple pressing
* High-payload Rod Type also available

The high-precision position control enables easy adjustment of the push force and the position control.

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