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SCARA RobotStandard
Standard Type: IXA-3NNN1805 | IXA-4NNN1805 | IXA-3NNN3015 | IXA-4NNN3015 | IXA-3NNN4518 | IXA-4NNN4518 | IXA-3NNN4533 | IXA-4NNN4533 | IXA-3NNN6018 | IXA-4NNN6018 | IXA-3NNN6033 | IXA-4NNN6033
High-speed Type: IXA-3NSN3015 | IXA-4NSN3015 | IXA-3NSN4518 | IXA-4NSN4518 | IXA-3NSN4533 | IXA-4NSN4533 | IXA-3NSN6018 | IXA-4NSN6018 | IXA-3NSN6033 | IXA-4NSN6033
Dust / Splash-proof, High-speed Type: IXA-4NSW3015 | IXA-4NSW4518 | IXA-4NSW4533 | IXA-4NSW6018 | IXA-4NSW6033

Applicable controllers: XSEL-RAX | XSEL-SAX
IXA SCARA Robot Catalog
Introducing the new High-speed IXA Series SCARA Robot.
* Fastest in the Industry
* Achieves lower price
* Low Vibration, accurate positioning
* Equipped with a battery-less Absolute Encoder as standard
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3rdCE0256-3A (0220)642020-02
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