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Large Slider Type:
EC-S13S | EC-S13H | EC-S13M | EC-S13L
EC-S13XS | EC-S13XH | EC-S13XM | EC-S13XL
EC-S15S | EC-S15H | EC-S15M | EC-S15L
EC-S15XS | EC-S15XH | EC-S15XM | EC-S15XL

Applicable Controllers:
(Note) The EC series is equipped with a built-in controller.
The 200v motor power unit "PSA-200" is required for EC-S13/S13X/S15/S15X models to operate.
ELECYLINDER® Large Slider Type
Compared to the conventional pulse motor model this large slider type has a longer stroke and operates at higher speeds.
- Maximum stroke 2500mm
- Maximum speed 2000m/s
- Maximum payload 108kg
- Standard-equipped with battery-less absolute encoder
- Compatible with wireless teaching
- Motor drive DC power unit can supply power for up to 6 axes
2ndCE0273-2A (2020AUG)322020-08
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