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ICSB / ICSPB / ICSA / ICSPA - Multi-Axis / Cartesian Robot / Orthogonal Robot

1. Now Equipped with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard

IS(P)B configuration type with battery-less absolute encoder equipped as standard.

  The advantages of using an absolute encoder.
1. Home return is not necessary since the current position is always known.
2. No external home sensor is required since home return is not necessary.
3. Removal of current workpieces is not necessary even in an emergency stop.
4. The troublesome creation of home-return programs is not necessary even
    when stopping inside of a complex machine.

2. Cost Reduction

The battery-less absolute encoder type costs the same as the incremental encoder type.
Without a battery, the price is less than the conventional absolute encoder specification.

3. Extensive Variations

A wide range of configurations is available, from 2-axis to 6-axis specifications and small to large models.
Select a model suited to the payload, travel stroke and installation space.
954 variations are available, including 726 models compatible with the battery-less absolute encoder.

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