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     Supports High Load Moment and Large Overhang
                    The wide body is equipped with a built-in ball circulating type linear guide.
                    It is most suitable to heavy workpieces and large overhang applications.

ec wide slider supports overhang

ec wide slider ce280 3a 1 avd
Since AVD (Acceleration, Velocity and Deceleration) can be individually set up, vibration will be suppressed and cycle times can be shortened.
Easy Data Setting Screen
* The "Unit Change" button enables display of the actual units (speed: mm/s and acceleration: G).
  Positioning of two points        Built-in controller  
ec wide slider ce280 3a 1 allinone
Wide Type
All necessary functions for a single axis are built-in including controller and teaching functions.

Designing, start up and adjustment times can be shortened.

Example of in-house manufacturing a direct-acting unit  >
Side mounted motor type
ec wide slider ce280 3a 1 manhours
  NEW   The side mounted motor type is suitable for limited space in the longitudinal direction.
  Model Specification Items
ec wide slider ce280 3a 1 spec items 2
  Table of Specifications
ec wide slider ce280 3a 1 specs table
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Ultra-Mini ELECYLINDER® CE0297-1A

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