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New Products and Updates – Page 1

IAI Robot Lineup Guide CE0033 35.4A pdf media

IAI Industrial Robots Digest Catalog

Catalog #: CE0405-1A (2023NOV)
Pages: 64 | Last Updated: 2023-11

IAI anticipates market needs to bring a variety of products to market each year.

- Product Lineup
- 2-point Positioning ELECYLINDER
- Multi-point Positioning
- Unit Products
- Cleanroom/Dust & Splash-proof
- Controller Products
- Other Products
- Specification List Outline
- Applications

IAI Robot Lineup Guide CE0033 35.4A pdf media

IAI Robot Lineup Guide

Catalog #: CE0033-35.7A (2023JUL)
Pages: 8 | File Size: 3 MB
Last Updated: 2023-12

An updated, simplified guide that summarizes the IAI Products Lineup. It presents the main products categorized by actuator type.

NOTE: This does not contain every actuator/robot series like the Products Overview Brochure does.

EC Gripper CE0284 2A front w1088


Catalog #: CE0284-2A (2024APR)
Pages: 60
File Size: 5.5 MB
Last Updated: 2024-APR

Easy set up in just 4 steps!
Built-in controller saves equipment space.
Four low price variations available.

*New Models and features are added:
- Flat type with heights of 30mm (GRC6), 35mm (GRC7)
- Vertical type (GRB): suitable for multi-axis systems.
- Long stroke type (GRST): Max. 260mm (Both sides)

EC Long Stroke CE0293 1.1A pdf 300x387 media

SCON2/SU Position Controller Catalog

Catalog #: CE0401-1.1A (2024MAY)
Pages: 36 | Last Updated: 2024-05

New controller with safety monitoring function for safe control of single axis actuators.
-The built-in fan allows SCON2 controllers to be installed 1mm apart from each other reducing installation area over 50% compared to the previous SCON.
-Now possible to input push force in N increments at the force-controlled push motions in the positioner mode instead of as % only.
- Safe Stopping Possible Without a Drive-Source Cutoff
- No Fence Needed for Use of a Single Axis Actuator

2024 General Catalog vol8 controller ce9002 1.1A

2022 General Controller Reference

Catalog #: Genaral-Catalog-2022-Controller-CE9002-1.1A (2024MAR)
Pages: 394
File Size: 46.5 MB
Last Updated: 2024-MAR

The controller model can be selected from an ultra-simple type, which is operable with the same controller as a solenoid valve, to a high functionality type that enables program control. A variety of models are available.

IXA CE0256 5A frontcover


Catalog #: CE0256-5A (2024FEB)
Pages: 92
File Size: 39.1 MB
Last Updated: 2024-FEB

Arm Lengths in this catalog: 180mm ~ 1000mm
* Fastest in the Industry
* Achieves lower price
* Equipped with a battery-less Absolute Encoder
* Compliance Control and Collision Detection Function

* The SCARA lineup page has information and links to available specifications including Standard, High-speed, High-payload & Long-stroke, Dust / Splash-proof and Cleanroom.
EC Belt Driven Type CE0267 3A face

EC Belt Driven Type

Catalog #: CE0267-3A
Pages: 40 | File Size: 4.2 MB
Last Updated: 2023-DEC

New Belt Driven type has been added to the ELECYLINDER series.
Also, new additions with Digital Speed Controller have been added.
Belt Driven System does not decrease maximum speed.
- Max. stroke: 2600mm
- Max. speed: 2000mm/s
- Max. payload: 25kg

EC RR8 RR10 4NewModels front

EC 90mm & 110mm Width Rod Type Radical Cylinder

Catalog #: EC-RR8-RR10_4NewModel 2023(DEC)
(from IAI General Catalog CE9003-2A-Vol2)
Version: 2A | Pages: 12 | File Size: 2.2 MB
Last Updated: 2023-DEC

High Payload Models
- 4 new models added to Rod Type Radial Cylinder
- Built-in Linear Guide 
- Maximum Payload of 300kg
- Max. Stroke: 800mm
- Max. Push Force 6000N

*The spec pages for new models added in 2023.

EC S8 spec front 20231113

EC-S8 80mm Width Slider Type

Catalog #: EC-S8_9NewModels 2024(JAN)
(from IAI General Catalog CE9003-2A-Vol2)
Version: 2.1A | Pages: 43 | File Size: 5.6 MB
Last Updated: 2024-JAN

High Payload Models
- 9 new models added to EC Slider Type
- Maximum payload of 80kg
- Extended Stroke Support (Max. stroke: 1500mm)
- Simplified Setup

*The spec pages for new models added in 2023.

icsb additional 24 items front 20231017


Catalog #: CE0404-1A (2023NOV)
Pages: 4 | File Size: 1 MB
Last Updated: 2023-11

Introducing the new High Payload Models

- Added 9 new models, including options with extended strokes and cleanroom specifications.
- Maximum Payload of 80kg
- Maximum stroke of 1,500mm

icsb additional 24 items front 20231017

ICS(P)B Additional Model Spec-sheets, October 2023 (24 models, 49 pages)

Catalog #: ICS(P)B_1st24NewModels2023 (2023OCT)
Pages: 49 | File Size: 11.4 MB
Last Updated: 2023-10

24 Models Added

4 Models for ICSB2/ICSPB2, X-Y, 2-Axis Configuration
8 Models for ICSB3/ICSPB3, X-Y-Z, 3-Axis Configuration
4 Models for ICSB4/ICSPB4, X-Y-X-Y, 4-Axis Configuration
8 Models for ICSB6/ICSPB6, X-Y-Z- X-Y-Z, 6-Axis Configuration

* The ICSA and ICSPA models are replaced with the ICSB and ICSPB models in this PDF.

EC Long Stroke CE0293 1.1A pdf 300x387 media

ELECYLINDER® Slider Type - Long stroke Supported

Catalog #: CE0293-2.2A (2024JAN)
Pages: 88 | File Size: 8.5MB
Last Updated: 2024-01 (2023-06)

New Slider Types Added
- Long stroke supported Side-mounted motor type
- Long stroke supported High rigidity Side-mounted motor type

High Rigidity and Long Stroke
A built-in four-row ball circulating type linear guide supports heavy weights and large overhangs.

Unlimited Installation Orientation
for vertical, horizontal, and ceiling mounting.

EC Cleanroom Spec C0281-1A 300px

ELECYLINDER® Cleanroom Specification

Catalog #: CE0281-3A (2023APR)
Pages: 88 | File Size: 8.5 MB
Last Updated: 2023-04

Added New Long Stroke type and Mid-support type.

ISO Class 2.5/3 compliant (ISO 14644-1)

The cleanroom wide slider type supports high load moment and large overhang.

Recommended for use in the semiconductor, food product, chemical, and cosmetics industries!

EC Slider Dust resistant Dust proof Splash proof CE0296 1A s 1088x1407 copy

Ultra Large Slider Type ELECYLINDER®

Catalog #: CE0299-1A (2023JAN)
Pages: 32
File Size: 4 MB
Last Updated: 2023-JAN

- Maximum stroke of 2800mm.
- Maximum speed of 2000mm/s.
- Maximum payload of 400kg horizontally and 80kg vertically.
- Wireless teaching support allows for easy setup if the actuator is out of reach.

EC Slider Dust resistant Dust proof Splash proof CE0296 1A s 1088x1407 copy

EC Dust-resistant and Dust-proof/Splash-proof Specification

Catalog #: CE0296-1A (2022SEP)
Pages: 36
File Size: 9.3 MB
Last Updated: 2022-SEP

Degree of protection: IP40, IP43 or IP44

* Max. stroke: 800 mm
* Max. Payload (Horizontal): 51kg
* Max. Speed: 860 mm/s

IXA dustproof splashproof CE0400 1A 1 pdf copy

IXA-4NSW Dust-proof and Splash-proof Specification SCARA Robot

Catalog #: CE0400-1A (2022OCT)
Pages: 52
File Size: 11.9 MB
Last Updated: 2022-OCT

Degree of protection: IP65

* Max. arm length: 1200mm
* Max. Payload: 47kg
* Standard Cycle Time 0.30 seconds (when transporting 2kg, Horizontal movement 300mm, Vertical movement 25mm)

EC Ultra Mini CE0297 1.1A pdf 300x387 media


Catalog #: CE0297-1.1A (2022OCT)
Pages: 36
File Size: 2.5 MB
Last Updated: 2022-OCT

Believe it: A built-in controller at this size resolves all kinds of small air cylinder problems!

Select from three types according to the application: Slider, Rod, Table

Speed can be set with numbers from 1% (low speed) to 100% (high speed), enabling the same motion regardless of the operator.

Design is easy with all the necessary components already assembled. Modular structure makes replacement easy.

EC Stopper Cylinder CE0295 1.1A pdf media

ELECYLINDER® Stopper Cylinder

Catalog #: CE0295-1.1A (2022OCT)
Pages: 24
File Size: 2.0 MB
Last Updated: 2022-OCT

A small size version and a low-cost version are available.

- Handles Workpieces up to 50kg.
- Maximum collision speed of workpiece: 40m/min. (in case of 9kg workpiece)

Genaral Catalog 2021 Controller CE9001 8 1A H1 799x1034 1

IS(P)B-WXM / WXMW LARGE Single-Axis Robot Series

Catalog #: CE0276-2A (2022JUL)
Pages: 20 | File Size: 3 MB | Last Updated: 2022-07

Move a 400kg horizontal payload at 1.2 G.
Mid Support suppresses deflection of the ball screw, making long-stroke and high-speed operations possible.

- Max stroke 3000 mm. - Maximum speed 2500 mm/s.
- Max acceleration/deceleration 1.2G.
- Max payload capacity: Horizontal 400kg , Vertical 80kg.

EC Wide Slider CE0280 3.1A pdf 300x387 media

EC-(D)WS10(☐R) / EC-(D)WS12(☐R) ELECYLINDER® Wide Slider Type

Catalog #: CE0280-3.1A (2022OCT)
Pages: 36 | File Size: 5 MB | Last Updated: 2022-10

Supports High Load Moment and Large Overhang.
The wide body is equipped with a built-in ball circulating type linear guide. It is most suitable for heavy workpieces and large overhang applications.

AVD (Acceleration, Velocity and Deceleration) can be individually set up to suppress vibrations and shorten cycle times.

Genaral Catalog 2021 Controller CE9001 8 1A H1 799x1034 1

EC-SRG11 / EC-SRG15 Rod type with double guide

Catalog #: CE0298-1A (2022APR)
Pages: 2
File Size: 0.2 MB
Last Updated: 2022-04

Lifting and pushing have never been this easy.
New ELECYLINDER® is now available with a Ball Bush Guide.
- Operates with only a 24V power source
- Best suited for lifting and pushing transfer operations

IAI Robot Lineup Guide CE0033-35.3A 1 part1

2021 General Technical Reference

Catalog #: General-Catalog-2021_Technical-Reference_CE9001-1-1A (2022MAR)
Pages: 216
File Size: 11 MB
Last Updated: 2022-MAR

Contains technical explanations for IAI products such as:
- Allowable Moment
- Operational Life
- Caution when Using a guide with a Rod or Slider Type
- Structure of a Single-Axis Robot
- Types of Robot Feedback Control
- Ballscrew Accuracy, etc.

EC General CE9101-1A cover

ELECYLINDER® section of 2021 General Catalog

Catalog #: General-Catalog-2021_ELECYLINDR_CE9001-2-1A (2022MAR)
Pages: 397
File Size: 38 MB
Last Updated: 2022-MAR

Move over air hoses. Make some space for the ELECYLINDER®.

  • Includes a built-in ball screw with a built-in linear guide, motor, and controller at one low price!
  • A built-in digital speed controller lets you enter numbers precisely and check how long the positioning will take during the design stage.
IAI Robot Lineup Guide CE0033-35.3A 1 part1

IFA High-speed Belt Driven Actuator

Catalog #: CE0288-2.1A (2022MAR)
Pages: 32 | File Size: 6 MB
Last Updated: 2022-MAR

Ideal for long-distance transport between processes.
- Max stroke: 3200mm
- Max payload: 40kg
- Max speed: 3000mm/s
- This high speed capability combined with high acceleration allows for short cycle times.

EC Stopper Cylinder Economical Type

Catalog #: CE0294-1A (2022FEB)
Pages: 2
File Size: 0.5 MB
Last Updated: 2022-02

A low-cost stopper cylinder is now available.
* Workpieces up to 50kg.
* Maximum collision speed of workpiece: 40m/min. (in case of 9kg workpiece)

IXA-4NSC Cleanroom Specification SCARA Robot

Catalog #: CE0291-1A (2022JAN)
Pages: 28
File Size: 5.9 MB
Last Updated: 2022-01

For assembling and handling applications in a clean environment.
* ISO Class 3 compliant
* Fastest in the industry!
* Standard Cycle Time 0.28 seconds
(when transporting 2kg, Horizontal movement 300mm, Vertical movement 25mm)

EC Large Slider CE0273-3A cover300

ELECYLINDER® Large Slider Type

Catalog #: CE0273-3A (2021NOV)
Pages: 40
File Size: 4.4 MB
Last Updated: 2021-NOV

New EC-S10 model added to ELECYLINDER® Large Slider series.
* Max stroke 2500mm
* Max speed 2000m/s
* Max payload 108kg
* Double slider specification is available as an option.

R-unit CE0272-2A cover

R-Unit Connecting Controllers

Catalog #: CE0272-2A (2021NOV)
Pages: 92
File Size: 12.3 MB
Last Updated: 2021-NOV

* Allows for mixed control of actuators with both a 24V motor and 200V motor.

* Saves space. RCON can control driver units for up to 16 axes of actuators with a single gateway.

pulse press cover300

ROBO Cylinder® Pulse Press RCP6-RRA catalog

Catalog #: CE0286-2A (2021OCT)
Pages: 32
File Size: 6.5MB
Last Updated: 2021-OCT

A pulse press is an actuator combining a stepper motor and load cell, capable of performing power control.
* Capable of both pushing and pulling
* Less than half the cost of a servo press
* Select from several types based on push force from 60N to 2,000N

IXA 4NHN cover300

IXA High Payload SCARA Robot Catalog

Catalog #: CE0287-1A (2021OCT)
Pages: 24
File Size: 5.3 MB
Last Updated: 2021-OCT

* Maximum Payload 50kg
* Arm Length 1,200mm
* Vertical Stroke 400mm
* Standard Cycle Time 0.61 seconds
* Collision Detection function
* Battery-less Absolute Encoder as standard

ec mini type ce0283 1a

ELECYLINDER® Mini Type Rods/Tables

Catalog #: CE0283-1A (2021JUN)
Pages: 32
File Size: 3.6 MB
Last Updated: 2021-JUN

New additions with more stroke, speed, and power for our mini type lineup!

Ideal for reducing space required by devices.

EC Wide Slider CE0280-2a 300px

ELECYLINDER® Wide Slider Type

Catalog #: CE0280-2A (2021JUN)
Pages: 24
File Size: 4 MB
Last Updated: 2021-JUN

Introducing the high rigidity wide slider type to the popular EC Series.

These can handle high moment loads in the pitch (Ma), yaw (Mb), and roll (Mc) directions.

cover300 iai compatible gear ce0278 1a 1

IAI Compatible Gear

Catalog #: CE0278-1A (2021JUN)
Pages: 12
File Size: 3.4 MB
Last Updated: 2021-JUN

Equipment that can be Connected to IAI Products

IAI products are easily connectable with various Factory Automation devices, such as PLCs, Motion Networks, Touch panels, and 3D simulator.

ec high rigidity radial cylinders ce0282 1a

ELECYLINDER® High Rigidity Radial Cylinders

Catalog #: CE0282-1.1A (2024JAN)
Pages: 36
File Size: 5 MB
Last Updated: 2024-JAN (2021-APR)

An electric cylinder with 4-row linear guide built-in - no external guide required.

  • A ball screw support mechanism allows 1,000mm max stroke and 860mm/s max speed!
  • A built-in digital speed controller lets you simply select and enter numbers. No complicated programming required.
Special Specification Products CE0277-2A cover

Special Specification Products

Catalog #: CE0277-2A (2021APR)
Pages: 32
File Size: 3.4 MB
Last Updated: 2021-APR

Information on Dedicated Models of the most requested special specifications.

You can now check for special specifications using this catalog.

air to electronic 2pflyer

Mini ROBO Cylinder and EC: Switching from Air to Electric

Catalog #: EC_and_Mini-ROBO-Cylinder
Pages: 2 | File Size: 0.5 MB
Last Updated: 2021-FEB

Do you find it difficult to switch?

  • Electric cylinders are available at equivalent sizes to replace air cylinders.
  • Mini ROBO Cylinders are compact thanks to a hollow motor that shortens the overall length.
300 ec 2pflyer digital transformation 20210201

ELECYLINDER® Achieves DX* of the Production Line

Catalog #: EC_2pflyer_degital_transformation_20210201
Pages: 2 | File Size: 0.6 MB
Last Updated: 2021-FEB

* DX = Digital Transformation
ELECYLINDER transforms the production line by using digital advancements to improve efficiencies.

  • Digitally setting accurate travel times eliminates bottlenecks and brings significant cost savings.
300 RCON 2pflyer added 3 motion networks 20210201

Introducing IAI Controllers Supporting Motion Networks

Catalog #: RCON_2pflyer_added_3_motion_networks_20210201
Pages: 2 | File Size: 0.5 MB
Last Updated: 2021-FEB

IAI's RCON driver-linkage type controller now supports three motion networks!

  • High-speed operations synchronized with general-purpose servo motors are possible.
  • Great for short cycle-time automation equipment used in packaging and picking electronics components.

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