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Long stroke gripper for grasping large workpieces.



Number 1 80x100Long Stroke Provides High Rigidity
A long stroke type with maximum opening/closing stroke of 260mm (130mm per side).
Rcp6 grst feat 1aRcp6 grst feat 1b2


Number 2 80x100High Grip Force Of Up To 440N
The grip force can be adjusted according to the workpiece.
* Grip force per side of the slider
Rcp6 grst feat 2a


Number 3 80x100Equipped with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard
Img battery less absolute encoder rcp6Since the home position is stored even when the power is turned off and on again, home return is not required.
You can move to the next operation while gripping the workpiece.


Number 4 80x100Built-in Controller Type Available
Types without controller (RCP6) and with built-in controller (RCP6S) are available.
Rcp6 grst feat 4a


Product Lineup
Type Coupling type Side-mounted motor type
External view Rcp6 grst6c tn Rcp6 grst7c tn Rcp6 grst6r tn Rcp6 grst7r tn
Opening/closing stroke [mm] 180/230 210/260 180/230 210/260
Ball screw lead [mm] 8 2 8 2 8 2 8 2
Maximum opening/
closing speed [mm/s]
180 (per side) 45 (per side) 180 (per side) 45 (per side) 180 (per side) 45 (per side) 180 (per side) 45 (per side)
Max grip force [N] 55 (per side) 155 (per side) 170 (per side) 440 (per side) 55 (per side) 155 (per side) 170 (per side) 440 (per side)
Positioning repeatability [mm] ±0.01
Reference page P3 P7 P11 P15


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Rcp6 grst slider cadRcp6 grst motor reverse cad

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