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Slim and Lightweight Hollow Rotary

RCP6-RTFML   Rotary


Number 1 80x100φ49 Large-diameter Hollow Shaft
Thin type with rotation part 47mm thickness, with unit weight of 2.1 kg

Wiring can be passed through the hollow section, reducing the design and assembly processes.

Rtfml feature1a


Number 2 80x100Can be combined with Cartesian Axis, Gripper or Wrist Unit
It can be used as a shaft for rotating grippers and Wrist Units. It can be combined with Cartesian 3-axis and Wrist Unit rotational 2-axis to enable movement with 6 axes of freedom.

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Number 3 80x100Tables and jigs can be directly mounted on the rotating section. Brake option can also be selected. Horizontal use is also possible.

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Number 4 80x100Cross roller bearings provide high rigidity and high load. Timing belt drive system produces no backlash.


Number 5 85x160Equipped with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard
No battery maintenance is required since there is no battery.
Homing operation is not required at startup or after emergency stop or malfunction.
This reduces your operation time, resulting in reduced production costs.


Model Specification Items

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