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ROBO Cylinder® Configurations Cartesian Robot

IK Series

Newest Additions to the Series
• Z-axis Table Type
• ZR Unit Type (Rotation)

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Multi-Axes Cartesian Robots Have Never Been More Affordable

The ROBO Cylinder® equipped as standard with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder has been added to the "IK Series". It helps reduce the design and assembly steps.

The ROBO Cylinder® RCP6 Series has been adopted to achieve even higher speeds compared with conventional models.

Ik additions

Ik spec box

New IK series with Thin Grippers demo video:


Diverse Configurations

The available configurations have been greatly expanded from the conventional models, allowing the ideal selection to suit your needs from 516 options.

New configurations include a table type (TA) with the Z-axis and a model with ZR unit (vertical/rotation).

Ik config1

Ik config2

Ik config3

Ik config4


Equipped with High Resolution Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard

Img battery less absolute encoder rcp6Equipped as standard with Battery-less Absolute Encoder for all configuration axes.
No battery maintenance is required since there is no battery.
Homing operation is not required at startup or after emergency stop or malfunction.
This reduces your operation time, resulting in reduced production costs.


Abso encoder

The advantages of using an absolute encoder.
(1) With an absolute encoder, home return is not required.
(2) No external home sensor is required since home return is not necessary.
(3) Removal of workpieces is not necessary, even after an emergency stop.
(4) The troublesome creation of home-return programs is not necessary even when stopping inside of a complex machine.

The advantages of battery-less.
(1) No battery maintenance required.
(2) No installation space for battery required.


Higher Speed

Compatible with PowerCON® which is equipped with a high-output driver.
The maximum speed has been increased with the use of PowerCON®.
This can reduce cycle time and help improve productivity.
Ik higher speed


Please contact us for IK Cartesian CAD files for your configurations.


Additional Notes:

  Please click the following link of the note to see the details.

2020-08-28: Note for cable connector cover change * Applicable Product: RCP6 and RCP5
Cable Part Number: CB-CAN-MPA□□□, CB-CAN-MPA□□□ -RB, CB-ADPC-MPA□□□, CB-ADPC-MPA□□□-RB, CB-PCS2-MPA□□□, CB-CA-AJ002
2020-08-28: Notice for dimension change of RCP6 folded motor specification
* Applicable Models:
IAI News
Special Specification Products

Special Specification Products

Information on Dedicated Models of the most requested special specifications. You can now check for special specifications using this catalog.

Rotary Chuck RCP6-RTCK

Rotary Chuck RCP6-RTCK

Slim and lightweight Rotary actuator with large-diameter hollow shaft, suitable for combined axes is available.

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