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Motorized Rotation and Gripping Unit

RCP6-RTCK Rotary Chuck

Number 1 80x150

Multipoint positioning of the rotating part

The rotary can perform multipoint positioning between 0 and 360° (one rotation).
The rotational speed and acceleration/deceleration can also be set to any value.
Furthermore, the Battery-less Absolute Encoder equipped means that home return is not required.

Rcp6 rtck feat1a image
Img battery less absolute encoder rcp6

Number 2 80x150

Compact size

The chuck is small and lightweight, as a solenoid gripper is used.

Number 3 80x150

Highly flexible installation

Motor placement can be selected from parallel type and side-mounted type.
The parallel type can be mounted from 5 sides and the side-mounted type from 4 sides, to suit the equipment.

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Explanation of Model Specification Items

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Rotary chuck cad

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Special Specification Products

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