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Small, affordable, easy to operate!

GRS Solenoid Gripper


1 Small Size

              Compact and lightweight electric gripper that fits in the palm of your hand.


2 Low Price

              The price is as low as an air chuck.
              The motorization also contributes to energy saving.


3 ON/OFF Control with a Single Wire

              Opening and closing of the fingers are operated simply by ON/OFF signals.
              Continuous retention is possible while still in the gripping or release state.
              With just a single wire, wiring is easy too.

Grs grip directionGrs wiring comparison

4 Long Life

              Excellent durability, enabling operation of 30 million times or more.*
              * Results of durability testing at IAI. Life under the user's operating conditions is not guaranteed.


Grs s grs m dimensions

Model Size S Size M
Grip direction Outer diameter grip Inner diameter grip Outer diameter grip Inner diameter grip
Outer dimensions [mm] W26 × D20 × H68 W32 × D24 × H78
Weight [kg] 0.16 0.27
Opening/closing stroke [mm] 4 (2 per side) 4 (2 per side)
Max grip force [N] 10 (5 per side) 20 (10 per side)
Opening/closing time 0.03s or less 0.03s or less
Operation frequency 120CPM 120CPM


To get CAD files, login at CADENAS.

Cad2 grs segCad2 grs sigCad2 grs megCad2 grs mig

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