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Product Description
EC-SRG11 / EC-SRG15 - Rod type with a double guide

Lifting and pushing have never been this easy.
New Rod Type ELECYLINDER® is now available with a Ball Bush Guide.
- Operates with only a 24V power source
- Best suited for lifting and pushing transfer operations

Max. Stroke: 300 mm
Max. Speed: 800 mm/sec.
Max. Push Force: 449 N
Max. Payload (Horizontal): 60 kg
Max. Payload (Vertical): 12.5 kg

■ Features

❶ Compact
The lineup includes product widths of 112mm and up !
All models are equipped with a built-in controller.

❷ Energy saving
Electrification enables energy saving !
Further energy saving is possible by reducing the standby current*.
*To reduce the standby current, enable the “suppression of current while stopped” in the parameter setting.
When an external force is applied, the current value will be resumed to its "original level."

❸ Operations with only 24V power source
Operations are possible by electricity only. (No air source is necessary)
This product can be operated with a 24V power source only.
Because no air source is needed, it can be used anywhere.
(Double and single SOLs are supported)

❹ Best suited for transfer operations
Thanks to the ball bush guide, it is best suited for lifters and pushers.

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