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IXP Series - Cost-Effective SCARA ROBOT

Cleanroom specification and Dust-proof / Splash-proof specification Added in Cost-effective IXP Series Giving More Variations to the Lineup

  IXP SCARA Robot at IREX Tokyo


  IXP SCARA Robot with RCP4 Gripper


All models come standard with high resolution battery-less absolute encoders.


All models come standard with battery-less absolute encoders that do not require batteries.
Since battery replacement is no longer necessary, maintenance labor is reduced.
In addition, the encoder resolution has increased 10 times compared to the conventional IXP series.


battery-less Absolute Encoder


More Affordable Due to Pulse Motors
Equipped with a pulse motor for Power-CON with IAI's own technology.


  ... the IXP costs around 1/2 of conventional model.


SCARA robot 3-axis specification enables you to reduce the cost by up to about 15%.
The IXP achieves a payload equivalent to that of a conventional model by adopting high-output drivers.


IXP Series is Lighter than IX Series


  The robot weighs approx. 30% less. *
(* Compared to: IX-NNN3515H)


  The lightweight robot can be easily assembled into system.

IXP Lighter Weight


IXP Lighter Weight image


Added 3-axis Specification and 4-axis* Gripper Specification


The 3-axis specification has no rotational axis for greater allowable load moment of inertia.
It can be combined with a dedicated gripper to constitute a transfer robot with ease.
battery-less Absolute Encoder
battery-less Absolute Encoder


* The gripper type has four axes including three SCARA robot axes and one gripper axis. There is no 4-axis type equipped with gripper provided for Arm Length 180 Type.


Added Cleanroom specification and Dust-proof / Splash-proof specification


Added Cleanroom specifications and Dust/Splash-proof to arm length 350mm/450mm/550mm/650mm.
You can choose the optimal product from extensive lineups.
battery-less Absolute Encoder
battery-less Absolute Encoder

* JIS C 0920


Supporting MSEL Controller
❶ Accommodating Significantly More Programs and Positions


The greater storage capacity accommodates significantly more programs and positions.


❷ Smaller Size


Having a size of 130mm in width x 195mm in height, the MSEL is significantly smaller than a conventional controller and saves space in your control panel.
The MSEL can be installed with screws or using a DIN rail.


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