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Rotating Nut Type Actuator


Number blank 85x160Ultra-high speed with long stroke
The very latest
rotating nut type actuator


Number 1 80x150

Equipped with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder

Nsa feature1

Number 2 80x150

Stroke: 2,300mm, Maximum speed: 2,500mm/s

The linear slider movement for these actuators is created by rotating the nut rather than the ball screw with a motor. Since the ball screw does not rotate, it is capable of high-speed movement even with a long stroke without being affected by resonance, shortening the cycle time.

Number 3 80x150

120kg Maximum Payload

A 750W motor equipped rotating nut type actuator that supports high payload is now available.

Product Lineup
Model Specification Items

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Nsa mxms cadNsa mxmm cadNsa lxms cadNsa lxmm cadNsa wxms cadNsa wxmm cad

Additional Notes:
NSA cable track receiver track catcher

2020-09-01: Notice of addition of NSA cable track receiver (track catcher)

Please click here to check the details.

Applicable Models:
NSA series with the stroke of 1800mm or more

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