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Vertical Grippers with High-speed
Opening/Closing and High Gripping Force

The Newest Additions to IAI’s Motorized Gripper Series


1. Slider Type and Lever Type Grippers

Vertical grippers are available in two types, including the slider type that comes with a guide to achieve excellent rigidity, and the lever type whose levers open by 180 degrees for easy gripping of the work part.


2. Multi-point Positioning, Adjustable Gripping Force

Up to 512 positioning points are supported via servo control, and the force with which to grip the work part is adjustable. This makes it possible to adjust the finger opening/closing width and grip easy-to-deform work parts.

3. Highly Rigid, Accurate Guide and Driving Part

The slider type comes with a highly rigid linear guide to demonstrate high moment rigidity. Thanks to its backlash eliminating mechanism, the guide is subject to less displacement upon positioning. The driving part adopts a geared structure (worm + helical gears) to achieve high rigidity and excellent response.

4. Self-locking Mechanism to Prevent Parts Dropping upon Power Off

The self-locking mechanism prevents the work part from dropping when the power is turned off or an emergency stop is actuated. The slider and levers can be opened with ease using an Allen wrench.
* The actuator cannot be kept pushing the work part.

5. Ultra-compact Slider Type


  • High gripping force in a compact body (gripping force: 10 N).
  • One of the smallest actuators in the industry with a cross section area of 22 x 15 mm.

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