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New Catalogs and Updates

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Product Overview Brochure (24th Edition)
Catalog #: CJ0033-24A-UST-1-1114 (3.4 MB)
Pages: 8

See what IAI has to offer! Discover our full range of motion control systems, including SCARA robots, linear actuators, table top robots, electric actuators, intelligent controllers & software, and ROBO Cylinder® electric cylinders — the smart alternative to air.

Product Lineup Sneak Peek


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robo-cylinder-generalROBO Cylinder® General Catalog (10 sections)
Catalog #: CJ0203-2A-UST-1-0614
Pages: 907
ROBO Cylinders® are the energy efficient solution to your pneumatic system complications. The ROBO Cylinder® electric actuators achieve easy operation, high functionality, energy-savings and low costs. Offering a wide lineup, they help you resolve various problems you are facing in system design.

Download a Specific ROBO Cylinder Catalog Section or use Part Search.

1 Overview Preface / Pre 1-54 (9.3 MB)
2 Slider types / P1-144 (17.8 MB)
3 Rod types / P145-300 (16.4 MB)
4 Table, Arm, and Flat types / P301-370 (7.8 MB)
5 Gripper and Rotary types / P371-416 (4.8 MB)
6 Linear Servo types / P417-442 (2.5 MB)
7 Cleanroom types / P443-492 (6.5 MB)
8 Dust and Splash-Proof types / P493-522 (4.8 MB)
9 Controllers / P523-718 (20 MB)
10 Technical Reference and Index / A 1-135 (9.8 MB)

*[Additional New Products] ACON/DCON-CA Catalog 12 page (2.5 MB)



Catalog #: CJ0220-1A-US-1-0914 (3.4 MB)
Pages: 8

SA3/RA3 Types with Body Width 32mm Added to the RCP4 Series:
* RCP4-SA3C – Slider Type
* RCP4-RA3C – Radial Cylinder Rod Type

Download PDF Catalog #: CJ0220-1A-US-1-0914 (3.4 MB)


RCD, RCP2, RCP4 Grippers

Catalog #: CJ0207-1A-UST-2-0914 (3.8 MB)
Pages: 32

Achieving High-speed Opening/Closing and High Gripping Force, the ROBO Cylinder® Vertical Grippers

1. Slider Type and Lever Type
2. Supporting Multi-point Positioning, Adjustable Gripping Force
3. Highly Rigid, Accurate Guide and Driving Part
4. Self-locking Mechanism to Prevent the Work Part from Dropping upon Power Off
5. Ultra-compact Slider Type: RCD-GRSNA

Download PDF Catalog #: CJ0207-1A-UST-2-0914 (3.8 MB)


ACON-CA and DCON-CA Positioner Controllers

Catalog #: CJ0211-1A-UST-2-0914 (2.5 MB)
Pages: 12

Introducing the ACON-CA controller (for the ROBO Cylinder® RCA/RCA2/RCL series), the DCON-CA controller (for the ROBO Cylinder® RCD series) — High functionality and performance is packed in a space-saving, compact body!

Download PDF Catalog #: CJ0211-1A-UST-2-0914 (2.5 MB)


PowerCON SCARA IXP Series and MSEL Controllers

Catalog #: CJ0219-1A-UST-1-0814 (5.8 MB)
Pages: 20

Introducing the Cost-effective Pulse Motor Type IXP to the IX Series of SCARA Robots

1. Due to pulse motors, the IXP costs around 1/2 a conventional model
2. All models come standard with battery-less absolute encoders
3. The robot weights approx. 30% less than a conventional model
4. Added 3-axis specification and 4-axis gripper specification

Download PDF Catalog #: CJ0219-1A-UST-1-0814 (5.8 MB)


Direct Drive Motor DD < 2nd edition >

Catalog #: CJ0199-2A-UST-1-0814 (1.9 MB)
Pages: 12

The Direct Drive Motor is a rotary actuator that directly drives a rotary table with a motor without using any speed reducing mechanism such as a belt or reduction gears. Eliminating the speed reducing mechanism explains why high speed and excellent response can be attained with such a compact frame.

Latest Additions—High Torque Type, Large Hollow Bore Type, High Resolution Type

1. High Speed, High Acceleration/Deceleration, High Payload
2. Index Absolute Type or Multi-rotation Absolute Type Can be Selected

Download PDF Catalog #: CJ0199-2A-UST-1-0814 (1.9 MB)


ROBO Cylinder® with Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard Equipment

the RCP5 series actuator with battery-less absolute encoder, realizing the convenience of an absolute encoder along with the cost and simplicity of an incremental encoder

The battery-less absolute encoder is an innovative encoder requiring no hassle or cost of battery replacement or adjustment associated therewith (patent pending), as rotational position data is recognized by a combination of gears to make the battery, which has been a required component of any traditional absolute encoder, no longer necessary. This encoder is ideal for the automobile industry and other production facilities where many absolute type actuators are used.

Download PDF Catalog #: CJ0215-4A-UST-1-0814 (11 MB)

Catalog #: CJ0210-1A-UST-2-0814 (1.8 MB)
Pages: 8
ROBO Cylinder® high-speed type — Achieving the max. speed of 2500 mm/s and max. acceleration of 3.2 G (Instantaneous max. acceleration of 4.8 G)
Improved high-speed performance reduces the cycle time!

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TTATTA Series Catalog
Catalog #: CJ0206-1A-UST-3-0514 (2.6 MB)
Pages: 24
Improved tabletop robot for cell production applications, featuring significantly higher payload, maximum speed and rigidity! Three times as many I/O points as conventional models and more variations!

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CT4 Rotational AxisRCP4W-RA Series Catalog
Catalog #: CJ0205-1A-UST-2-0214 (2.9 MB)
Pages: 16
Introducing the IP67 Water-proof Radial Cylinder, the newest addition to the dust-proof/splash-proof ROBO Cylinder® RCP4W series — Built-in guide to achieve longer strokes while accommodating a radial load on the rod!

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CT4 Rotational AxisCT4 Catalog * Rotational Axis Equipped Type added
Catalog #: CJ0194-2A-UST-1-1213 (3.1 MB)
Pages: 16
Higher rigidity, more efficient operation range, and greater straight moving performance can be achieved than standard parallel-linked robots!

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TB-01 CatalogTB-01 Catalog
Catalog #: CJ0208-1A-UST-5-0814 (1.4 MB)
Pages: 4
All your controllers can be now operated with one unit — The features include: supporting both program controllers and position controllers, easy-to-use design combining a 3.5″ full-color touch panel and keys, programs/data can be saved to SD cards, and more!

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MRC brake optionMini ROBO Brake Option Catalog
Catalog #: CJ0209-1A-UST-1-1013 (736 KB)
Pages: 4
Mini ROBO Cylinder rod type / table type with brake option has been added. Adding a brake to the rear of the main body will change the size and appearance of the actuator.

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ERC3 SeriesERC3 Series Catalog (4th Edition) * New models added
Catalog #: CJ0184-4A-UST-2-0214 (5.2 MB)
Pages: 56
Transform your factory with the efficiency-improving, space-saving ERC3 ROBO Cylinder® — Saving space with built-in controller / Supporting wide-ranging operations with longer strokes / Payloads and speeds have been increased by 1.5 times / Most affordable in our ROBO Cylinder® series!

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