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Product Overview 29.5A

Product Overview 29.5A

Catalog #: CE0033-29.5A (1217)
Pages: 8 | File Size: 5.2 MB
Last Updated: 12/12/2017

See what IAI has to offer! Discover our full range of motion control systems, including the New ELECYLINDER, SCARA robots, Cartesian robots, linear actuators, table top robots, intelligent controllers & software, and ROBO Cylinder® electric actuator — the smart alternative to air.

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TB-03 Touch Teaching Pendant with Wireless Data Setter for ELECYLINDER

Catalog #: CE0254-1A (1117)
Pages: 4 | File Size: 14.9 MB
Last Updated: 11/29/2017

Less wiring, simple and swift with wireless connection.

* Status monitoring makes daily maintenance easier and shortens trouble recovery time
* Supports position/program controller

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IK Cartesian Series

Catalog #: CE0248-2A (1017)
Pages: 160 | File Size: 39.7 MB
Last Updated: 11/16/2017

ROBO Cylinder® Configurations Cartesian Robot
* Newest Additions: Z-axis Table Type and ZR Unit Type
* Diverse Configurations
* Equipped with high resolution Battery-less Absolute Encoder as standard
* Higher Speed than previous IK series

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Next Generation ROBO Cylinder RCP6/RCP6S

Catalog #: CE0238-3A (1017)
Pages: 288 | File Size: 91.74 MB
Last Updated: 11/15/2017

* New Cleanroom, Dust/ Splash-proof Series Added
* Abundant Lineup of 156 Models
* The Built-in Controller Type Is Available for All Models
* RCP6 Gateway Controller

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Mini ROBO Cylinder

Catalog #: CE0253-1A (0917)
Pages: 40
File Size: 12.16MB
Last Updated: 09/29/2017

Next-generation cylinder that has achieved miniaturization.
Now with Additional Cleanroom Specification
and Dust-proof/Splash-Proof Specification!

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Catalog #: CE0251-1A_WU (0717)
Pages: 20
File Size: 26.2MB
Last Updated: 08/07/2017

IAI's Unique design makes the parts light and compact.
Ideal for reducing the cost of equipment.
Low cost compared to 6-axis articulated robots.

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RCP6-GRT7 Thin Gripper

Catalog #: CE0252-1A_RCP6-GRT7 (0717)
Pages: 12
File Size: 2.8 MB
Last Updated: 08/07/2017

Equipped with Battery-less Absolute Encoder.
Flat shape, thin size with height of 39 mm achieved.
* High Rigidity & Grip Force
* Improved Mounting Freedom
* Inexpensive

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Catalog #: CE0250-2A (0617)
Pages: 40
File Size: 8MB
Last Updated: 5/31/2017

* Simple Model selection
* High performance- A.V.D.
* Faster cycle time
* Reduces momentary stops on the production line.

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RCS Servo Press Compatible ROBO Cylinder with Load Cell

Catalog #: CE0237-1.9A
Pages: 40
File Size:17.6 MB

Compact and low-thrust rod type actuator that can even be used for simple pressing. The high-precision position control enables easy adjustment of the push force and the position control, which is typically difficult for oil-hydraulic equipment.

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ICSB / ICSPB / ICSA / ICSPA Cartesian Robot

Catalog #: CE0247-1A (0417)
Pages: 372
File Size: 56.1MB
Last Updated: 5/18/2017

ICS(P)B Cartesian configuration type with battery-less absolute encoder equipped as standard.

* Home return and home sensor not necessary.
* Removal of current work-pieces is not necessary even in emergency stop.

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3x lead ball screws ISB/ISDB

Catalog #: CE0245-1A (1216)
Pages: 24
File Size: 6.1MB
Last Updated: 01/05/2017

Introducing a high-speed actuator that reduces production costs by reducing cycle time.
* Max Speed 2,500mm/s
* Max Acceleration/Deceleration 3.0G
* Reduced Cycle Time.

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Teaching Pendant TB-02

Catalog #: CE0239-2A-0616
Pages: 8
File Size: 2.0MB
Last Updated: 6/23/2016

* 7-inch full color touch panel
* Various new functions for easy operation
* Can be used for both position controllers and program controllers

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Direct Drive Motor DDA Series

Catalog #: CE0242-1A (0916)
Pages: 20
File Size: 4MB
Last Updated: 10/11/2016

High speed, high payload, high accuracy, and easy to control.
Introducing the direct drive motor DDA Series boasting ultimate usability.

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Tabletop Robot TTA Series

Catalog #: CE0206-4A-0716
Pages: 64
File Size: 19.7MB
Last Updated: 10/14/2016

AC servo motor specification is now available.
All models are equipped with battery-less absolute encoder as standard.

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PowerCON SCARA IXP Series and MSEL Controller

Catalog #: CE0219-3A (0915)
Pages: 28
File Size: 6.1 MB

Introducing new arm lengths 180/250/550/650mm added in cost-effective IXP Series.
All models come standard with battery-less absolute encoders.

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AC Servo Motor ROBO Cylinder With Battery-less Absolute Encoder

Catalog #: CE0235-1A (3/2016)
Pages: 88
File Size:8.4 MB

* Battery-less Absolute Type Added to 24V and 200V Servo Actuators
* Equipped with a Feature to Detect Motor Overload and Generate Alarm
* Fully Equipped with Monitoring Feature

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RCP5 ROBO Cylinder® with Battery-less Absolute Encoder

Catalog #: CE0215-7A (0116)
Pages: 92
File Size: 14.7MB

New RCP5 Series with the convenience of a battery-less absolute encoder and the cost and simplicity of an incremental encoder.
New Additions to the Series: Side-mounted Motor and Belt Types

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Catalog #: CE0220-3A (1215)
Pages: 16
File Size: 3.3MB
Last updated: 1/27/2016

SA3/RA3 Type with 32mm Actuator Width Now Has a Side-mounted Motor Type;
* RCP4-SA3R - Side-mounted Motor, Slider Type
* RCP4-RA3R - Side-mounted Motor, Radial Cylinder Rod Type

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ROBO Cylinder Rotary Type RCP2CR-RT / RCP2W-RT

Catalog #: CJ0223-1A-UST-1-0415
Pages: 16
File Size: 2.8 MB
Last updated: 4/1/2015

Cleanroom Type and Dust-proof / Splash-proof Type are now added to the lineup of the rotary type actuators.

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Mini Cylinder RCD

Catalog #: CJ0185-3A-UST-2-0415
Pages: 4
File Size: 0.9 MB
Last updated: 4/1/2015

Ultra-compact motorized cylinder with 12mm cross-section and a body length as short as 60 mm.

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Cleanroom Dust-proof Gripper Type RCP2CR-GR / RCP2W-GR

Catalog #: CJ0218-1A-UST-1-0315
Pages: 12
File Size: 2.5 MB
Last updated: 3/1/2015

Cleanroom type and Dust-proof type are now added to the lineup of the two-fingered gripper RCP2-GRS/GRM and three-fingered gripper RCP2-GR3SS/GR3SM series.

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Vertical Grippers RCD, RCP2, RCP4 Gripper Series

Catalog #: CJ0207-1A-UST-2-0914
Pages: 32
File Size: 3.8 MB

- High-speed Opening/Closing and High Grip Force
- Slider Type and Lever Type
- Multi-point Positioning, Adjustable Gripping Force
- Highly Rigid, Accurate Guide and Driving Part
- Self-locking Mechanism to Prevent the Work Part from Dropping upon Power Off

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High-speed Cartesian Robot CT4

Catalog #: CJ0194-3A-UST-1-0115
Pages: 20
File Size: 3.6 MB
Last updated: 1/1/2015

Higher speed & rigidity, more efficient operation range, and greater straight moving performance can be achieved than standard parallel-linked robots!
Pick & Rotate Series Added!

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LC-Ladder Programming Software for MSEP-LC

Catalog #: CJ0214-1A-UST-1-1114
Pages: 8
File Size: 2 MB
Last updated: 11/1/2014

Controlling actuators with ROBO Cylinder position controllers used to require hard work to write ladder programs. However, the MSEP-LC's DFC command makes programming simple, providing static allocation of internal memory and timing-free command sending.

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Position Controller with PLC function SCON-LC/LCG

Catalog #: CE0244-1A (1216)
Pages: 16
File Size: 4.1MB
Last Updated: 01/19/2017

* With PLC Function
* Ladder Software
* Advantage of Using SCON-LC with PLC Function

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Remote I/O Unit

Catalog #: CE0228-1A (1115)
Pages: 8
File Size: 1.2 MB

The Remote I/O Unit allows you to easily expand the number of I/O points on the controller.
You can install a maximum of 8 units each of the IN specification and OUT specification models, for a total of 16 units.
The maximum expansion is 256 points for input and 256 points for output.

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MSEL-PC/PG Program Controller for ROBO Cylinder

Catalog #: CJ0222-1A-UST-1-1214
Pages: 12
File Size: 2 MB
Last updated: 12/1/2014

Introducing the ROBO Cylinder 4-axis program controller MSEL with High-output Driver (PowerCON).
For RCP5 / RCP4 / RCP3 / RCP2.

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SCON-CAL Position Controller for Single-axis Robots / Cartesian Robots / ROBO Cylinder RCS2/RCS3

Catalog #: CJ0221-1A-UST-1-1214
Pages: 16
File Size: 2.4 MB
Last updated: 12/1/2014

The SCON-CAL measures only 49 mm wide, 158 mm high and 116 mm deep, making it substantially smaller than the SCON-CA. Multiple SCON-CALs can be installed without leaving any space in between.

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MSEP-C / LC Controller

Catalog #: CJ0216-2A-UST-1-0215
Pages: 28
File Size: 4.8 MB
Last updated: 2/1/2015

Operating the actuator and controlling the ON/OFF of I/O (input/output) signals using a ladder logic program is now possible. If your equipment is small enough, the MSEP-LC is all you need to control it.

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Positioner Controllers ACON-CA and DCON-CA

Catalog #: CJ0211-1A-UST-2-0914
Pages: 12
File Size: 2.5 MB

Introducing the ACON-CA controller (for the ROBO Cylinder® RCA/RCA2/RCL series), the DCON-CA controller (for the ROBO Cylinder® RCD series).
High functionality and performance is packed in a space-saving, compact body!

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