ROBO Cylinder® Electric Actuators


Robo Cylinder from Intelligent Actuator

The Electromechanical Alternative to Pneumatic Cylinders

Robo Cylinder from Intelligent ActuatorThe ROBO Cylinder® electric actuator is a flexible, intelligent, and economical, ballscrew linear actuator from Intelligent Actuator. The ROBO Cylinder ® offers:

  • Multiple Positioning
  • ±.02mm Repeatability
  • Programmable Velocity Control
  • Programmable Acceleration & Deceleration
  • Programmable Torque Control (Push Function)
  • 50mm to 1000mm Stroke Lengths
  • 1mm/s to 1000mm/s Speed (Depends on Model)
  • Serial I/O for linking up to 16 axes
  • Long life expectancy (5,000km)
  • Low Power Consumption (Compared to Air Cylinder Compressors)
  • A One-Year Warranty
  • Prices start as low as $560

Economical and easy to use, the ROBO Cylinder® is specifically designed to accomplish the simple tasks usually assigned to air cylinders, but with greater flexibility and control.

Offering custom control over position, speed, acceleration, deceleration, and torque, allowing for mid-move velocity changes, and control from a PLC, the ROBO Cylinder® is a versatile and easy-to-use alternative to pneumatic cylinders.

ROBO Cylinders are available in a wide variety of configurations to suit the requirements of your specific application. The main variations are found in the basic body construction and the type of motor employed.

The new and improved RCP4, RCP3, & RCP2 electric actuators & ERC3, ERC2 electric actuators utilize a hybrid stepper motor ideal for low-speed, high-thrust applications. For constant thrust across a wider range of speed, RCS3, RCS2 electric actuators, which employ AC servo motors, are ideal. Both the RCP4 and RCS3 series of linear positioning actuators are available in an extensive array of rod, slider, and flat type configurations, accommodating a wide variety of application requirements.

The RCP4 and RCS3 actuators have different characteristics. The RCP4 actuators have higher payload capabilities at lower velocities. As the payload increases the RCP4 actuator will start decreasing in velocity according to its pulse motor torque curve. The RCS3 actuators will maintain a constant velocity throughout it’s payload rating. Once the payload rating has been exceeded the AC servo motor will cause the controller to fault out.

Depending on ballscrew lead, all ROBO Cylinder® actuators are available in high-, medium- and low-speed models. The Slider type is capable of speeds up to 1000mm per second, and the Rod type up to 800mm per second.

ROBO Cylinders are typically used in single axis applications for simple point to point positioning.  They may also be integrated into multiple axis Cartesian positioning systems from Intelligent Actuator.

mini robo cylinder the size of a business card for factory automation
1. Space-saving
Systems that could only use air cylinders due to sizing constraints can now use Mini ROBO Cylinders to improve performance.

2. Shaped and handled easily like air cylinders
Users who are comfortable with using air cylinder can switch to Mini ROBO Cylinders effortlessly.

3. Wide variations
Variations include slider type, rod type, table top and linear servo type.
mini robo cylinder rod type for factory automation

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ROBO Cylinder® Product Series


New! RCP5
  Battery-less Absolute Encoder Built-in
  ROBO Cylinder

Built-in Controllers that’s simple use and saves space.
High-precision, performance and rigidity all in an affordable package.
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  1. A wide range of various models in accordance with slider types, rod types, belt drive types, gripper types and rotary types.
  2. Strong pressing force taking advantage of the characteristics of the pulse motor.
  3. Controllers for various control systems. Run positioner, pulse train input, serial communication, air cylinder compatible, program operation, etc.
  4. Complex movements are easy to program. Multi-point positioning of up to 512 points.

Slider Type Electric Actuators

Rod / Grippers / Rotary Type

High Thrust Rod Type Single Guide Rod Type

Cleanroom Slide Type

  1. 1.5 times high speed and double the payload when combined with a Power CON 150.
  2. Three slider types and two rod types to choose from.
  3. The rod type with built-in guide can carry radial loads up to 500mm.
  4. Easy motor replacement with removal of only one setscrew.

Learn more about the RCP4 and PCON-CA.

  1. The same actuator mounting brackets used on air cylinders, such as foot, trunnion and clevis brackets, are available as options.
  2. Select a desired motor installation method from three types; coupling, built-in (direct coupling) and reversing.
  3. An optional sensor is available for checking if home return has completed without fail.

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  1. Excellent for high-speed operations with low noise.
  2. Easy maintenance, lower price.
  3. Isolated 24V servo motor for easy replacement.
Slider Type,
Slider Type,
Side-mounted motor
Mini Rod Type,
Mini Rod Type,
Tapped-hole mounting
32mm width

40mm width

50mm width

60mm width

32mm width

40mm width

50mm width

60mm width

28mm width

34mm width

28mm width

34mm width

Mini Rod Type,
Single Guide
Mini Rod Type,
Double Guide
Mini Rod Type,
Slide unit with Double Guide
Mini Table Type,
28mm width

34mm width

28mm width

34mm width

60mm width

72mm width

32mm width

36mm width

Mini Table Type,
Mini Table Type,
Mini Table Type,
Coupled motor
Mini Table Type,
Side-mounted motor
50mm width

58mm width

61mm width

71mm width

40mm width
40mm width
Table Type,
Table Type,
Side-mounted motor
55mm width

65mm width

75mm width

55mm width

65mm width

75mm width

  1. 1.8 times the maximum speed, 1.3 times the payload.
    *Compared to RCS2-SS8C.
  2. The compact body of only 80 mm in width can support up to 80 kg along a horizontal path.
  3. High-precision types (RCS3P/RCS3PCR) with positioning repeatability of ±0.01 mm are available.

RCS3 Series

Learn more about RCS3 Electric Actuators.

The built-in 200-V servo motor is ideal for high speeds and heavy loads.

Support for a combination of three or more axes if a XSEL controller is used.

Three motor installation methods are available, so you can select an optimal method based on ease of maintenance, installation space, etc.

RCA ROBO Cylinder Compact Slider Electric Actuator - IAI Intelligent Actuator

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