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Energy is not a fixed cost, but rather a variable cost and there are many ways to improve energy efficiency such as turning off or dimming the lights when not needed, setting computers to hibernate when not in use, changing to more energy efficient light bulbs and introducing energy efficient strategies in automation.

Using energy in an efficient manner will cut running costs and benefit the environment and as a result, can significantly boost the image of a business in the public eye. With this said, it is clear and essential that we see the convergence of environmental and business needs are indeed in sync.

We at IAI also see this, and are working hard to build energy efficient products so both businesses and our environment can benefit each and every day. Make Green Automation a part of your business today!


Lower Running Costs of Air Cylinders with IAI Electric Actuators!

With air cylinders, a compressor is operated with electricity to generate compressed air, and generated air is supplied though a line to the air cylinder where it is then converted to linear-motion force. This mechanism is subject to significant energy loss.

With IAI Electric Actuators, revolutions of electric motors are mechanically converted to linear-motion force, which minimizes energy loss. The running cost (energy cost) of IAI Electric Actuators are less than the cost of an air cylinder (based on IAI's internal test).

robo cylinder factory automation

The Benefits of a Long Maintenance-Free Period

The AQ seal is a lubrication unit using a lubrication member made of resin-solidified lubricating oil. AQ seals supply lubricating oil as they are pressed against the surface of the guide and ball screw (steel-ball rolling surface). This, combined with the lubrication effect of grease, ensures a long maintenance-free period.


Long Maintenance-Free Period with the AQ seal

Minimize the number of cumbersome greasing operations required. (When used with grease, the actuator will remain maintenance free for 5,000 km of traveled distance or three years.

Effective in locations where greasing is difficult due to the structure of the system.

Environmentally friendly, since no extra grease is needed.

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