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RCS3 series

1.8 times the maximum speed, 1.3 times the payload (*)
(*) Compared to RCS2-SS8C

Highest-end models of ROBO Cylinder slider types have been updated.
Enjoy significantly higher traveling performance and positioning repeatability.

Please click " Note for Discontinuation and Replacement models " for the details.
* Note for discontinuation of Encoder Types: Incremental encoder, Absolute encoder (RCS2-RA5, RCS2-RGD5, RCS2-RGS5, RCS2-SA7, RCS2-SM, RCS2-SS, RCS2-SS7, RCS2-SS8, RCS2CR-SA7, RCS2CR-SM, RCS2CR-SS, RCS2CR-SS7, RCS2CR-SS8, RCS3-SA8, RCS3-SS8, RCS3CR-SA8, RCS3CR-SS8, RCS3P-SA8, RCS3P-SS8, RCS3PCR-SA8, RCS3PCR-SS8)
Available Encoder Type Now: Battery-less Absolute Encoder
* Note:
Now Battery-less Absolute Encoder type is added to
RCS3P-SA8C, -SA8R, -SS8C, -SS8R,


1. High Speed & High Acceleration / Deceleration

Rcs3 time comparison
The high-speed performance characterized by 1800 mm/s of maximum speed and 1 G of maximum acceleration/ deceleration leads to a shorter cycle time of your equipment.

2. High Payload

Rcs3 high payload
The compact body of only 80 mm in width can support up to 80 kg along a horizontal path. Wide-ranging variations are available and by combining one of two motors (100 W/150 W) with a desirable ball screw lead, you can certainly select a model that best suits your specific application.

3. High Precision

Rcs3 high precision
High-precision types (RCS3P/RCS3PCR) boasting a positioning repeatability of ±0.01 mm have been added to the series. They can be used for applications requiring precise positioning.

4. Clean Room Specifications

Clean room specifications have been added to the SA8/SS8 types. These models let you achieve class 10 cleanliness with a minimum suction rate.

5. Compact & Rigid

Rcs3 compact rigidThe compact motor unit design made it possible to shorten the overall length by 116.5 mm compared to a comparable existing model. You can also choose a lightweight aluminum base or a rigid iron base.

6. Cable Exit Directions

You can select one of four directions from which the motor/encoder cables exit according to the requirement for installation space.

Rcs3 cable exit directions2

7. Expanded Lineup With Side Mounted Motor Types

Rcs3 expanded lineupThe product lineup has been expanded with side mounted motor types. These actuators are shorter than coupling types by 65 mm in overall length, thereby saving space.

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