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Examples of Cost Savings with
ROBO Cylinder Electric Actuator Applications

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ROBO Cylinder Linear Electric Actuator Cost Savings in the Automobile Industry

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ROBO Cyliner Linear Electric Actuator Benefits

7% Increase in Production Efficiency

Application - A system that cuts rubber sheets of 1mm in thickness (using a round blade) to produce rubber caps for drug containers. A ROBO Cylinder is used for moving the cutter up and down.

ROBO Cyliner Electric Actuator Food Stacker Automation

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Because of the difficulty setting speed, around 30 minutes had to be spent on adjustment every day.

Low Speed: The rubber sheet elongates and cannot be cut.

High Speed: Rubber breaks.

If broken rubber caps are found in the receiving inspection, the whole lot will be determined "out of specification" (all caps must be scrapped).

Adjustment Time: 30 minutes/day = 0.5 hours/day

Monthly Production Time

Stop Time = 0.5 hours/day x 20 days = 10 hours/month

Production Time = 8 hours x 20 days - 10 hours = 150 hours

Speed setting becomes easy, and adjustment time is no longer required.

Adjustment Time: 0 minutes

Monthly Production Time

Stop Time = 0 hours

Production Time = 8 hours x 20 days = 160 hours

Explanation - (160 hours - 150 hours) / 150 hours = 0.07 Approximately 7% increase in production efficiency.

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