ROBO Cylinder Electric Actuator - Intelligent Actuator

RCP2-HS8R Motor Reversing Slider Type
High Speed Steel Base Electric Actuator

RCA2 Banner Slide Electric Actuator - Intelligent Actuator

Linear Electric Actuator Types

  • RCP2-HS8R High Speed Slider Type, Actuator Width 80mm,
    Pulse Motor, Motor Reversing, Straight, Steel Base
  • RCP2 Slider Type Electric Actuator - Intelligent Actuator Automation

    ROBO Cylinder Visual Index for
    Intelligent Actuator PDF Catalog Industrial Electric Actuator Robot Automation

    RCP2-HS8R Lead and Load Capacity

    Lead (mm)
    Maximum load capacity*
    Stroke (mm)
    Horizontal (kg) Vertical (kg)

    [1] = Stroke, [2] = Cable Length, [3] = Options
    *Take note that the maximum load capacity will decrease as the speed increases.

    RCP2-HS8R Stroke and Maximum Speed

    1200 <750>
    1000 <750>
    800 <750>

    *The figures in < > apply when the actuator is used vertically. (Unit: mm/s)

    RCP2-HS8R Specs

    Drive Method
    Ball screw Θ16mm, rolled C10
    Positioning Repeatability
    0.05mm or less
    Material: Special Alloy Steel
    Allowable Load Moment
    Ma: 36.3 × Mb:36.3×m Mc: 77.4N×m
    Overhang Load Length
    Ma direction: 450mm or less, Mb/Mc directions: 450mm or less
    Ambient Operating Temp/Humidity
    0-40 °C, 85% RH or below (non-condensing)

    RCP2 Electric Slide Actuator Moment Loads - Intelligent Actuator Automation

    RCP2-HS8R Options

    Name Model Page
    Refer to RCP2-HS8R pdf
    Reversed-home Specification
    Slide Roller Specification

    RCP2-HS8R Correlation Diagram of Speed and Load Capacity

    RCP2 Rod Type Double Guide Electric Actuator Speed Load Capacity Diagram - Intelligent Actuator Automation

    ROBO Cylinder Electric Actuator Selection Points - Intelligent Actuator Automation (1) When the stroke increases, the maximum speed will drop to prevent the ball screw from reaching a critical speed. Use the actuator specification table above to check the maximum speed at the stroke you desire.

    (2) The RCP2 series uses a pulse motor, so the load capacity will decrease as the speed increases. Use the correlation diagram of speed and load capacity on the right to check the load capacity corresponding to the speed you desire.

    (3) The load capacity is based on operation at an acceleration of 0.3G (or 0.2G if the lead is 3 or the actuator is operated vertically). This is the maximum acceleration.

    Please refer to ROBO Cylinder General Catalog
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