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mini actuator electric robo cylinder for factory automation

- Mini Actuator ROBO Cylinder with Smaller, Compact Size -
- Shaped like an air cylinder and easy to use -
- Many variations to suit your needs -

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mini robo cylinder the size of a business card for factory automation

1. Space-saving

The new Mini Actuator electric ROBO Cylinder has achieved compact sizes by incorporating a newly developed motor and significantly reduces overall length, width and height. Systems that could only use air cylinders due to sizing constraints can now use Mini ROBO Cylinders to improve performance.

mini robo cylinder the size of a business card for factory automation

2. Shaped and handled easily like air cylinders

The new Mini ROBO Cylinders are available in the same shapes as air cylinders. Users who are comfortable with the handling and operation of air cylinder can switch to motorized cylinders effortlessly.

3. Wide variations

You can select the model that best suits your specific application from the wide variation of electric actuators. Variations include slider type, rod type, table top and linear servo type.

Mini Slider Type
mini robo cylinder slider type for factory automation
The slider on the body moves back and forth to perform positioning.


  • The coupled motor can be changed with ease
  • The straight type and motor reversed type are available


  • Moving/carrying parts

Mini Rod Type

The rod extends and contracts to perform positioning and push-motion operation.


  • The slim and short type have significantly reduced overall length
  • The guide type with a built-in guide for enhanced rigidity and linearity and the non-guided type are substantially smaller. The non-guided types accept external guide(s).


  • Moving parts, push, clamping, etc.

mini robo cylinder rod type for factory automation

Mini Table Type

The table on the body slides to perform positioning.


  • The built-in guide allows an overhang load to be received
  • The short type with a compact body and the coupled motor type with long strokes are available


  • Moving parts, part transport, horizontal move, push-motion. (Overhang mounting from the body is also possible)

mini robo cylinder rod type for factory automation

Small Linear Servo Type

Light parts can be transferred at high speed.


  • The linear motor achieves high-speed, high-acceleration/deceleration movements at a maximum of 2G
  • The slider type and rod type are available. The slider type comes in six types having different sizes and strokes
  • The multi-slider type lets you install two sliders on one axis and operate them independently


  • Transfer applications where minimal cycle times are required.

mini actuator robo cylinder linear servo type for factory automation



Additional Information

190328 01 Attachment 1 Release of the optional compact connector for RCA2 compact models and change of the cable for RCM-P6AC



4. Quality and Innovation

We at IAI are always working to offer high quality and innovative solutions tailored for your specific application. Whenever you need support, IAI's experienced teams of technical support engineers are available to help you diagnose and troubleshoot IAI products. When you require innovative and high quality robots, excellent service and support for your unique needs, demand IAI!

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