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Product Snapshot

Electric Linear Actuator Operating on a 24-V Power Supply

Electric Linear Actuator RCA

Series Features

Same mounting brackets used on air cylinders

  • The same actuator mounting brackets used on air cylinders, such as foot, trunnion and clevis brackets, are available as options. (*shown below)
  • Select a desired motor installation method from three types of coupling, built-in (direct coupling) and reversing

  • Three motor installation methods are available, so you can select an optimal method based on east of maintenace, installation space, etc.
  • Home check sensor (optional)

  • An optional sensor is available for checking if home return has completed without fail.

  • Usage Example Electric linear actuator RCA series can be used under operating conditions inside the shaded range shown in the graphs below. *The following graphs are provided for reference only. Check the exact values of maximum speed and load capacity for each electric linear actuator model using the ROBO Cylinder General Catalog 2006.

    Electric Linear Actuator RCA Horizontal Vertical Load Capacity Graph

    Mounting Brackets that are available as options


    Part Number Overview Click on image to enlarge
    [singlepic id=2 w=500 h=293 float=center]

    Direct Coupling Built-In Motor Type
    Coupled Motor Type
    Motor Reversing Type
    RCA-RA3D4D rod type
    RCA-RA3C4C rod type
    RCA-RA3R-4R rod type
    Single Guide Direct Coupling Built-In Motor Type
    Single Guide Coupling Motor Type
    Direct Coupled Built-In Motor Slider
    Coupling Motor Type Slider
    RCA-RGS3D-4D single guide rod type
    RCA-RGS3C-4C single guide rod type
    RCA-SA4D-5D-6D slider type
    RCA-SA4C-5C-6C slider type
    Double Guide Direct Coupling Built-In Motor Type
    Double Guide Coupling Motor Type
    Direct Coupled Built-In Motor Steel Slider
    Direct Coupled Built-In Motor Reversing
    rca-rgd3d-4d double guide rod type
    rca-rgd3c-4c double guide rod type
    rca-ss4d-5d-6d slider type
    rca-sa4r5r6r slider type
    For more information, please refer to the Introduction to New Robo Cylinder 2 Product Catalog
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