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Examples of Cost Savings with
ROBO Cylinder Electric Actuator Applications

Electric Actuators for Automobile Automation

ROBO Cylinder Linear Electric Actuator Cost Savings in the Automobile Industry

ROBO Cylinder Industrial Automated System Removing Hoses Beer Barrels
ROBO Cyliner Linear Electric Actuator Benefits

7% Increase in Production Efficiency

Application - A ROBO Cylinder system that removes filler hoses from industrial beer barrels after the barrels have been filled with beer at a brewery.

ROBO Cyliner Electric Actuator Beer Hose Automation

Air Cylinder
ROBO Cylinder
The stopper position must be changed every time the beer barrel size is changed. The line had to be stopped 10 minutes for this change.

Setup Change Time - 10 minutes

Setup Change Frequency - 3 times/day

Monthly Production Time

Stop Time = 10 minutes x 3 times/day = 30 minutes/day = 10 hours/month

Production Time = 8 hours x 20 days - 10 hours = 150 hours

Since the ROBO Cylinder allows for quick setup change using a single switch, the line no longer needs to be stopped.

Setup Change Time - 0 minutes

Monthly Production Time

Stop Time = 0 hour

Production Time = 8 hours x 20 days = 160 hours

Explanation - (160 hours - 150 hours) / 150 hours = 0.07 - Approximately 7% increase in production efficiency.

ROBO Cylinder Industrial Automated Food Stacker
ROBO Cyliner Linear Electric Actuator Benefits

Reduction of Labor Cost by $4378.60

Application - A system consisting of two ROBO Cylinder axes, used for stacking two food products traveling on a line in a food processing factory.

ROBO Cyliner Electric Actuator Food Stacker Automation

Air Cylinder
ROBO Cylinder
Cost of Manual Operation

Line Operation Time - 21 hours/day

Labor Cost

9:00 - 18:00 = 8 hours = $58.87
18:00 - 1:00 = 7 hours = $77.27

1:00 - 7:00 = 6 hours = $82.79

Daily Cost - 21 hours - $218.93

Monthly Cost of Manual Operation

$218.93/day x 20 days = $4378.60

Initial Cost of ROBO Cylinder System
ROBO Cylinder
Controller, Cables
Vision Sensor
PLC, etc.

Total - $7727.20

Labor cost became virtually zero.

Explanation - Introduction of the ROBO Cylinder system eliminated the labor cost of $4378.60 a month required when the line was operated manually. Automation also improved quality, because on the manual line, errors occurred frequently, especially during 2nd and 3rd shifts.

(Note) Another reason that the factory adopted the ROBO Cylinder system is that they didn't want to increase the amount of air equipment due to "unstable speed of the air cylinder system," "difficulty finding space for extra compressors," and the "need to save energy."

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