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Founded in Shimizu, Japan in 1976, Intelligent Actuator Incorporated (IAI) has over forty years of experience in the design and manufacture of customized medical and industrial robotics. Built on “Quality and Innovation,” IAI is a leader in the research and development of advanced energy efficient and affordable Cartesian, SCARA, and Tabletop robots. From entry-level to high-speed models, IAI provides complete programmable systems and components to fulfill any and all of your medical testing and industrial production needs... READ MORE
  • CRS 6-Axis ROBOT is excellent for high speed and accurate pick-and-place operations.
    With 6 degrees of freedom combining 3 Cartesian and 3 rotational axes, operations with a high level of freedom are possible, including rotation and turning.

    The CRS has many variations available. You can select the optimal system based on your payload, stroke travel, and installation space. There are combinations that are ideal for three-dimensional movements within a specified work envelope and combinations that are perfect for accessing difficult to reach locations such as loading and unloading machines or storage shelves.

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  • The IK ROBO Cylinder ® Series – An affordable compact option for lighter weight multi-axis applications. Offering 516 user options. The battery-less absolute encoder is standard.
  • ICSB Series - Full Cartesian gantry systems (up to 3-meter spans) for large payloads and robust applications. Offering 954 variations. 726 of which are compatible with the battery-less absolute encoder.
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  • TTA Table Top system – a compact design that is extremely flexible, precise, and multi-functional. No assembly required. Arrives pre-fabricated with a built-in controller ready for use. Excellent for medical office applications. Offering eight types for various operations as in pick and place and sorting applications. The dedicated ZR-axis option enables video image processing and analysis for micro-dosing applications in biotechnology.
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  • IXP/IXA SCARA Series – The IXP model is ultra-compact and cost-effective using 24VDC stepper motors to provide an affordable entry level into cleanroom automated testing. The IXA model uses 200VAC servo motors and has high speed payload capabilities. Both models in the series have excellent position repeatability and are equipped with battery-less absolute encoders.
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Connectivity between each series is also possible to provide the ability to create a complete and seamless production line system. A full package of actuators, motors, encoders, controllers, software, brackets, cables, and cable management are included with each package along with on-site training to finalize the operation of the project. A comprehensive support system of trained technicians stand by to answer all of your questions before, during, and after installation. Please contact the office nearest you and click the link below for more information:

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Product Page – Quickly setup ELECYLINDER in 5 minutes just by entering position, acceleration, and velocity data.

TTA Table-top Robot Series

TTA Table-top Robot Series

TTA – AC Servo Motor Specification Now Available for the Tabletop Robot equipped with Battery-less Absolute Encoders.

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