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Example Video #20: System for soak-degreasing metal parts - Air cylinder vs IAI's ROBO Cylinder

Shorter degreasing time achieved by flexible operation settings with the ROBO Cylinder

This is a degreasing process for metal parts before they are plated. The operator sets a basket containing metal parts on the system, and the basket is submerged into the degreasing bath and raised after a certain period to degrease the metal parts.
(Soak-degreasing: Remove oil-based contaminants from parts by soaking them in degreasing agent.)

Improvements achieved by electric linear actuators:
Point 1: Shorter cycle time achieved by the improvement of degreasing efficiency.
Point 2: Shorter cycle time achieved by changing the speed during movement.
Point 3: Added the shaking-off process using the multi-point positioning function.

Electric actuator perform better than... application example video
for Easy Automation Concept v10 Video 1002

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