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System Overview :
Improvement Overview :
Device for filling containers on a conveyor belt with hand cream.
An ELECYLINDER is employed to synchronize the dispensing device and the conveyor belt.
Reduced labor cost of $10,560 per year thanks to shorter cycle time.
Description of Operation
After Improvement
 1   As the sensor detects a container, the ELECYLINDER and the conveyor belt move in synchronized motion while filling the containers with cream. (The conveyor belt does not stop.)

 2   After filling, the slider part of the ELECYLINDER goes back to the home position at high speed.

 3   The above processes are repeated.

 1   The sensor detects a container and stops the conveyor belt to dispense cream.

 2   After filling, the conveyor belt starts moving again.

 3   The above operations are repeated.

Before Improvement
Improvement Effects

 Past problems     

Cycle time was 6 seconds because the conveyor belt stopped temporarily for filling.

 After installation of an ELECYLINDER®     

Since the ELECYLINDER can set A (acceleration), V (velocity) and D (deceleration) at desired values respectively, the speed can be synchronized with the conveyor belt.

Because of this, cream dispensing is possible without stopping the conveyor belt. The cycle time has been shortened from 6 seconds to 4 seconds. As a result, daily working time has been shortened by 3 hours and 40 minutes.


Required production
6600 units / day
Production line worker
1 worker / day
Labor Cost
$12 / hr
Annual operation days 240 days / year


Working hours

Shortened from 11 hours to 7 hours 20 minutes.

 Before installation of an ELECYLINDER  

6 seconds x 6,600 pieces = 39,600 seconds = 11 hours

 After installation of an ELECYLINDER  

4 seconds x 6,600 pieces = 26,400 seconds
= 7 hours 20 minutes

Labor Cost

Annual saving of labor cost for a line worker is $10,560

 Before installation of an ELECYLINDER  

11 hours/day x $12/day x 240 days x 1 worker = $31,680

 After installation of an ELECYLINDER  

7 hours 20 minutes x $12 / hour x 240 days x 1 worker
= $21,120

Annual labor cost reduced by $10,560 thanks to the reduced cycle time from 6 seconds to 4 seconds.
The above application example and results including numbers are introduced from one of our product user's event and experience.
*Exchange Rate: 1(USD)=100(Japanese Yen)
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