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11. Pick and place Sloped Work – Vial bottles, oblique stocker

Pick and place vial bottles, sloped work, oblique stocker

By combining Cartesian axes and wrist units, the cost can be reduced compared to Vertical articulated robots.
In addition, the size of the safety fence can be reduced.

Application Example Category:
Pharmaceuticals, Medical supplies

2023 Digest Catalog:
P.60 (L3)

Original Title and Description for this video:
Pick & place Sloped Work - Vial bottles from an oblique stocker (cut from 2022 iREX IAI Booth, 08-2)

Original Description:

08-2 Pick and place - Sloped Workpieces - Vial bottles from an oblique stocker (cut from 2022 iREX IAI Booth, 08 Replacement from Vertical Articulated Robot)

Demo Summary:
Demonstration machine for taking out sloped workpieces.
This demo picks and places vial bottles from an oblique stocker onto a flat conveyor.

☝ Eliminate the perception that approaching slopes = articulated robots.
Cartesian robots can easily carry workpieces on inclined surfaces!
Pick-and-place is possible with Cartesian robots and wrist units even if they are not on the same plane.

☝ Cartesian robots + wrist units can reduce costs compared to articulated robots.
(Comparison in Japan)

☝ The size of the safety fence can be reduced.
In addition to the chuck part of the multi-joint robot, considering the overhang of the joint part, there is no choice but to widen the safety fence. Cartesian robots have a limited range of motion, so the safety fence can be kept small.

☝ Realized a high-speed transfer unit that does not use air.
All motorized, long-distance, high-speed transport has been realized.
IFA is used for the X-axis and supports a maximum stroke of 3200[mm] and a maximum speed of 3000[mm/sec].


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