ROBO Cylinder Electric Actuator Electric Automation

ROBO Cylinder RCP2 Series Electric Actuator

Next Generation of the Popular RCP Series!

Robo Cylinder Electric Actuator Electric Automation

  • High Precision, High Rigidity, and High Functionality
  • Electric actuator utilizing a ballscrew, linear guide, and stepper motor.
  • Can help raise your production efficiency level and save you 67% in running costs compared with pneumatic cylinders.
  • Gives you more flexibility for your application needs with two new width sizes, the 73mm Slider type and the 35mm Rod type.
  • Allows multi-point positioning of up to 64 points.
  • Features technological improvements in all areas, such as lower operating noise, ease of use, and ease of maintenance.
  • Designed to operate in environments with dust and water splash with new IP65 models.
Moves Made Simple

Electric Actuator Moves Made Simple Electric Automation
Maximum positioning of 64 points is possible with the new controller. Highly advanced operations are possible, such as "on-the-fly" speed adjustments.

Smaller Controller Footprint

Smaller Controller Footprint Electric Automation
At approximately 1/2 the size of its previous RCP-C controller, the new controller is ideal for mounting in areas with limited available space.

Increased Payload

Increased Payload Electric Actuator Electric Automation
The new aluminum-based 73mm Slider type allows for a 3 fold increase in payload capability over its previous maximum payload (with the 58mm type).

Small Actuator Footprint

Small Electric Actuator Footprint Electric Automation
The new super-compact 35mm x 35mm Rod Type is designed to maximize its surrounding space constraints.

Slider Type Electric Actuators

Rod/Grippers/Rotary Type Electric Actuators

High Thrust Rod Type Electric Actuator Single Guide Rod Type Electric Actuator

Cleanroom Slide Type Electric Actuators

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