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Introduction to the International Robot Exhibition

Welcome to IAI's booth at the 2015 International Robot Expo in Tokyo, which is held every two years.

This year IAI had one of the most largest and exciting booths at the show.

There were 16 unique displays throughout the booth, each promoting a new technology that separates IAI from our competition.

1. Battery-less Absolute Encoder

Our first theme is the Battery-less Absolute Encoder. There is no battery, no maintenance, no homing, and no price increase.

This new feature is now being rolled out into our true servo motor series, such as the RCA, RCS ROBO Cylinder family, the IS, which is our larger integrated series, as well as the new Tabletop TTA and IXP SCARA robots.

We have also introduced a high-precision IS series actuator that will have a 3 micron position repeatability with a ball screw.

This display is demonstrating a Cartesian robot equipped with a battery-less absolute encoder on the right, compared to the one without this feature on the left.

Since home-return is not required at equipment startup or after an emergency stop, this feature reduces operation time and production costs.

2. PowerCON SCARA Robot

Welcome to the PowerCON IXP SCARA robot. We are the first robot manufacturer to equip our SCARA robots with the battery-less absolute encoder as standard, thus reducing your maintenance costs.

The IXP series is offered at a very low price, approximately half of the IX series thanks to the implementation of the PowerCON stepper motors, which is IAI's original technology.

The encoder resolution has also increased to ten times that of the existing IXP series.
The IXP also weighs about 30% less as compared to the IX series and the controller is about 50% smaller as well.

We have also expanded the line to include cleanroom as well as dust-proof / splash-proof models.

This video is demonstrating that you can change a motor in the field in less than 5 minutes due to its modular design.

3. Servo Press Electric Actuators

Welcome to IAI's new lineup of servo presses. We have eight new models in the lineup all in the RCS3 series, ranging from the RCS3-RA4R to the RCS3-RA20R.

These new servo press ROBO Cylinders include integrated load cells that can press from 20 Newtons to 50,000 Newtons of force. The integrated load cell offers press force repeatability from +/- 0.5% accuracy.

The new SCON-CB controller supports trace-ability, which allows processing history data such as positioning, load, and pressure results to be output to computer or dedicated display unit.

Like all of IAI's programming, we have kept it very simple. It only requires a simple four step input system for programming.

Lastly, we have developed a 3 kilowatt motor driver, which achieves a maximum thrust of 5 tons and a maximum of 200 mm/sec of speed.

4. Mini / Rotary / Gripper Electric Actuators

Welcome to our Mini / Rotary / Gripper ROBO Cylinder lineup.

The ROBO Cylinder series is best for replacing small air cylinders and we offer a large variety that are easy to install since many of them are the same shape as typical air cylinders.

We also offer cleanroom and dust-proof versions of this family.

We have expanded the lineup to include direct-drive rotary tables designed for high-speed and position repeatability.

Plus smaller rotary actuators and an extensive electric gripper lineup including high-speed, high grip-force and long stroke grippers.

Now you can make your entire machine electric.

5. New Controller Lineup

Welcome to our new Controller Lineup station.

Now the stepper motor controller and the A/C Servo motor controller can connect to the battery-less absolute encoder.

We have also rolled out a PowerCON integrated controller with the new RCP6 series.

We have expanded the PLC functionality-equipped models to include the PCON, ACON, DCON, and MSEP series of controllers.

We also rolled out a new predictive maintenance feature, maintenance information and vibration control features.

We have also enhanced the Fieldbus network and Motion network compatibility.

6. New Touch Panel Teaching Pendant

The new TB-02 touch panel teach pendant is easy to see and operate due to its large size.

It's also designed to be easy for beginners, easy to start-up equipment, and easy for trouble-shooting.

It can also connect to all of our controllers and with full support features.

7. ROBO Cylinder 6 Series

The RPC6 series is equipped with the battery-less absolute encoder as standard, PowerCON motor technology, and we now offer a high resolution version, which is capable of +/- 5 microns repeatability.

We are also introducing a built-in controller version, which is very space-saving and allows up to 16 axes to connect from one Gateway unit for Fieldbus compatibility.

You will also notice our wide-body slider types and wide-body radial cylinder types.
The wide-slider types allow 14 times greater dynamic moment than the standard units.

8. Radial Cylinder RCP6 Series

This RCP6 rod type actuator does not require an external guide. By having a build-in ball circulating type linear guide, it has enough internal structure to support radial loads.
It has been test very vigorously and shows no deflection at the rod end.

Also, the new wide-body versions offer four times greater radial load than the current series.

9. Tabletop Robot TTA

The new TTA series has the battery-less absolute encoder as standard.
We are also introducing the new A/C servo motor type, which offers a 50% higher max payload up to 30 kg, 50% higher max speed up to 1,200 mm/sec, and +/- 5 micron position repeatability.

Notice the new integrated Z axis with rotation. This TTA family is very versatile and is priced very economically.

10. Toolbox Assembly Line

This demo was extremely impressive and demonstrated an automatic production line to assemble a toolbox using 62 IAI actuators and robots.

Of course, this was an airless robot line and really demonstrates how our customers can build complete assembly lines using all IAI components for the motion.

11. Wireless I/O Application Example

In this display, we are demonstrating a new product development feature for wireless I/O.

The system on the right is practically identical to the system on the left.
However, the one on the right is using an integrated PLC controller with wireless I/O.
Thus, allowing us to only use the power supply equipment mounted in the control panel.

Did you also notice that it's inserting a wire through the eye of a needle while four axes are in motion?

12. 3D Image Processing Application

In this amazing demo, you will first notice our Wrist Unit, which is small in size and low in price.

Combined with a Cartesian robot, it achieves operations equivalent to a vertical multi-jointed 6-axis robot.

You will also notice the 3D camera above guiding the robot to pick up the parts.

13. IA Kit - Easy Cartesian Configuration

In this display, we are demonstrating that automated equipment is easy to build with IAI.

Since we can 'kit' our ROBO Cylinder electric actuators into a wide variety of Cartesian robots, you simply choose the configuration, controller type, and end-effector.

14. Dust-proof, Splash-proof, Water-proof Application

Here, we are showcasing our wide variety of dust-proof, splash-proof, and water-proof electric actuators. There are over 50 models total.

We have completed many different durability tests in-house and have a large install base for these conditions.

In this demo, we have automated the load and unloading of a cleaning machine being run by our own rotary actuators.

15. High-speed Actuators

IAI's lineup of high-speed actuators come in four driving systems; ball-screws, ball-screw nut rotating drive, belt drive, and linear motors.

There are total of 69 types and 12 different series with maximum speeds of over 2 meters per second.

In this demo, we have achieved 3.2 G acceleration and 2.5 meters per second with a triple-size rolled ball-screw product, which is a first in the industry.

16. Cost Reduction Solutions

Welcome to our 16th display demonstrating our cost reduction solutions using IAI's products.

Using electric actuators can significantly reduce your machine down-time, your maintenance costs, and since production cycle times can be shortened, we can reduce your labor costs as well.

Also, electric actuators use significantly less energy as compared to air cylinders.

Please contact an IAI representative for more information on cost saving examples.

Since IAI is truly a multi-national company, we can support our customers throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Thank you for visiting the IAI booth at the 2015 International Robot Exposition in Tokyo.

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