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Ispdacr w

Super Large Single-Axis Robot (Standard / Cleanroom Types) Capable of Transferring Loads Weighing up to 150 kg for a Maximum Distance of 2500 mm

1. Long Stroke / Cleanliness Class 10

By integrating the mid-support mechanism, a long stroke of up to 2500 mm was achieved. The ball screw that runs the slider enables high-accuracy and transfer of heavy loads. The cleanroom type adopting a stainless-sheet seal structure conforms to cleanliness class 10. High-speed transfer over long distance has now become possible inside a cleanroom.

1 ispdacr

2. High Load Capacity

The high-output motor and high-rigidity base integrate to achieve a maximum load capacity of 150 kg in horizontal applications and 60 kg in verticle applications.

2 ispdacr

3. High Speed and Quick Acceleration

The maximum speed of 2,000 mm/sec and maximum acceleration / deceleration of 1 G help shorten the cycle time considerably.

3 ispdacr

4. High Precision

The ISPA / ISPDACR adopts a C5-equivalent precision rolled screw to achieve a positioning repeatability of ±0.01 mm.

5. Adjustable Cable Outlet Direction (ISA Series)

With the ISA Series, the cable outlet direction can be changed from the rear (standard) to side (left or right), providing a space-saving solution in the longitudinal direction.


A controller of program, positioner or pulse-train input type can be selected in accordance with the control method suitable for your application.

Program Operation Type

X-SEL Controllers

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X-SEL Controller
A high-functional, multi-axis controller supporting Super SEL Language- a programming language that enables easy programming of complex operations.


  • Simultaneous control of up to 6 axes
  • Registration of up to 64 programs/3000 positions
  • Absolute of Incremental specification
  • Compatible with DeviceNet, CC-Link, ProfiBus and Ethernet
  • CE Mark certified

SSEL Controller

SSEL Controller

SSEL Controller

A 2-axes positioner that enables easy positioning operation.  The SSEL program controller has various control functions combines into a single unit.


  • Up to 1,500 positioning points
  • Support of both absolute and incremental actuators and Ethernet
  • With 2 axes, arc interpolation and path operation can be performed

SCON Controller

SCON Controller

SCON Controller

Position controller capable of 1 axis control.


  • Supports up to 512 positioning points
  • DeviceNet, CC-Link specifications (optional)
  • Pulse converter option

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