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IAI Software

ROBONET Modbus Communication

Connecting IAI products to machinery of other makes - Information concerning communications 1) ROBONET Modbus communication function block / Omron PLC (CS1/CJ1 Series) When connecting ROBONET controllers to an Omron PLC (CS1/CJ1 Series) you will need to download a...

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Robo Cylinder PC Interface Software

Economical and easy to use, the Robo Cylinder® is specifically designed to accomplish the simple tasks usually assigned to air cylinder units, but with greater flexibility, control, and efficiency. The Robo Cylinder PC Interface Software provides a simple,...

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Tutorials for Motion Control Software

The topics listed are those which are currently covered by the Tutorials section.  If you have questions regarding any of these topics or those not listed, please contact us with your suggestion. SelWin Software (Sel E/G, DS, Sel A/B controllers) COM Port Setup...

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Entering Controller Programs

The points, programs and parameters for each controller are stored in the memory of the controller itself.  The information stored in the controller can be archived on any storage device by "saving" the item accordingly. Programs can be entered via software (preferred...

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Communications Port Setup

Below are the communication port (COM port) settings for communicating with the DS, SuperSEL and SCARA: Baud Rate (Bits per second): 9600 Data Bits: 8 Parity: None Stop Bits: One Flow Control: None The Baud Rate setting for the Robo Cylinder can be set as high as...

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Introduction to X-SEL PC Software Tutorial

Here is a 15 minute "Introduction to the XSEL PC Software" video tutorial. The XSEL PC Software is used with IAI's fully programmable controller line. These controllers include the X-SEL, ASEL, PSEL, and SSEL as well as many older SEL controllers. The XSEL PC software...

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Running Programs

Through the software, the user can start programs and monitor their progress as code is being executed.  This can also be done through the Teach Pendant, but with limited viewing area due to the small LCD readout on the Teach Pendant. Since both the Teach Pendant and...

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Teaching Points

All taught positions are based upon a reference point, or "0.00 mm" location.  If your actuator / controller combination features absolute encoders, homing is not necessary before teaching points. Incremental encoders will require homing before teaching points. In...

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