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The points, programs and parameters for each controller are stored in the memory of the controller itself.  The information stored in the controller can be archived on any storage device by "saving" the item accordingly.

Programs can be entered via software (preferred method), teach pendant or via serial communication using an interface designed by the user.  There are over 100 commands available, but nearly 80% of the applications only use 15-20 of these commands.

With the SuperSEL, DS and SCARA, the user has the ability to start multiple programs and have these programs running at the same time to control different processes.  An example of this would be Prog. 1 running the motion, Prog. 2 controlling a feeder bowl, Prog. 3 running a conveyor, and so on.

The general layout of the programming window is located in both the PC Interface Software Manual, and the operating manual matched to the individual controllers.

Below is a screen shot showing the columns that one would see running the SelWin software (SEL-E/G, DS, etc).

PC Software Interface

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