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The ROBO Cylinder PC Software version 7

Please view the video tutorial above.

There are no changes in the functionality of the software for the following controllers: PCON, ACON, SCON, ERC2

The changes for the new ROBO Cylinder PC Software version 7 is the addition of ASEP & PSEP controller functionality.

(1)  Free upgrade offer to RC PC software version 7 for:

Customers who already own the RC PC software version 6 and need ASEP/PSEP software. (Software to be sent via email)

Please call our offices and provide the purchase date of your current RC PC Software.

If you require a CD, please contact your distributor with the purchase date and the P.O.# of your current RC PC Software version 6.

(2) Please purchase the new RC PC software version 7 if:

  • You are a new customer purchasing any ROBO Cylinder with any of the following controllers: PCON, ACON, SCON, ERC2, ASEP/PSEP and do not currently own version 6.
  • You are customer that owns version 4.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Discontinuation Information for PMEC/AMEC-C / PSEP/ASEP/DSEP-C/CW controllers:
Thank you for your continued support of IAI Corporation.
We appreciate your loyal patronage towards the PMEC/AMEC-C / PSEP/ASEP/DSEP-C/CW controller over
the years.
Ten years or more has passed since the release of this controller, and the main electronic components used for this have been discontinued. Accordingly, we will discontinue the production in September 2021.
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you, and we are appreciative of your
understanding in this matter.

End of Service Period: September 30, 2031
*However, we may stop servicing once we are out of the parts in stock for the discontinued products prior to the end of service period. Please refer to our website for the service availability.

Replacement Controller:

*Please click the button below to check the documents and webpage for more details.

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