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ROBO Cylinder Linear Electric Actuator - Industrial Robotic Automation

ERC2 Electric Linear Actuator with Built-in Controller

An Ultra Low Cost Electric Actuator with a Built-in Controller

ERC2 Compact Linear Electric Actuator Industrial Automation

Series Features

The built-in controller reduces wire to be connected

  • Simply connect the dedicated cables to a PLC and a 24-VDC power supply, and the electric actuator is ready to go. You can also use a dedicated serial communication type with a gateway unit to easily connect to a field network.
  • No need for controller installation space, which reduces the control panel size

  • Since the control panel becomes smaller, you can achieve significant cost savings
  • Ultra low price from $560, including the controller

  • Via efficient component par usage, cost reduction of over 20% was seen over conventional models.

  • Usage Example

    The ERC2 series electric linear actuators can be used under operating conditions inside the shaded range shown in the graphs below. *The following graphs are provided for reference only. Check the exact values of maximum speed and load capacity for each model using the ROBO Cylinder General Catalog 2006.

    RCA Compact Linear Electric Actuator Horizontal Vertical Load Capacity Graph

    Applicable Controller

    The Controller is Built-in

    Part Number Overview

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    ERC2 Series Electric Linear Actuators

    For more information, please refer to the Introduction to New Robo Cylinder 2 Electric Actuator Product Catalog

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