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SCON Position ControllerSCON Position Controller


The SCON is a position controller for the ROBO Cylinder® RCS2 series actuator. Various control functions are combined into a single unit.

There are two types of SCON controllers: standard specifications in which operation is performed via PIO or pulse train input, and network specifications for operation via connection to a field network.

Incremental and absolute specifications are available for both types. However, only incremental specified operations are available when operating via the pulse train input.

Type C
Name Standard Network connection specifications (optional)
External View SCON Position Controller
Description Positioning mode,
Teaching mode,
Solenoid Valve Mode
Pulse train mode DeviceNet
Connection specifications
Connection specifications
Connection specifications
Position point Max. 512 points (−) Max. 512 points
I/O type symbol NP/PN DV CC PR
Compatible encoder Incremental Absolute Incremental Incremental Absolute Incremental Absolute Incremental Absolute

*Always use a noise filter for power supplies.
(Caution) Note that with the network specifications, neither control via pulse train nor PIO is available.

See the ROBO Cylinder Controller List

For more information, please refer to the SCON Position Controller pdf.

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