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The DXF import feature is a function of the IAI X-SEL software. The X-SEL software is compatible with XSEL, ASEL, PSEL, and SSEL controllers. The X-SEL software version 7.09 has the DXF import feature.

Please watch the tutorial video to learn more.

DXF - Data/Drawing Exchange Format

The X-SEL DXF Converter translates CAD data to robot position coordinates. Users can import position data directly from drawings to the X-SEL point tables. Example applications are pick & place and dispensing.

Here is a brief sample DXF Conversion demo.

Start the X-SEL software and select the drawing to import.


Select parameters and click DXF Data Reading ->View


Create a new  position file.
Remember to select "Create position data" checkbox.


Select points from the drawing
and click "Create Position Data" button.


The selected points are now imported
into the X-SEL position data file.


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