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Through the software, the user can start programs and monitor their progress as code is being executed.  This can also be done through the Teach Pendant, but with limited viewing area due to the small LCD readout on the Teach Pendant.

Since both the Teach Pendant and PC Software use the same Serial Communication Protocol, the user can also send serial strings across from a PLC, Industrial PC, etc., to start programs.

After establishing communications with the controller, and assuming no programs have started, the screen looks like the following image:

Running Programs

Initial Button Options:

"Run" - Start the program currently selected.

"Cancel" - Close the Run Program Screen.

The left column in the window above shows the listing of programs resident inside the controller.  This column shows the program number (01, 02, etc.) and the size of the program, measured in program "steps", or lines of code.  For example, the highlighted program, program "1", has 7 lines of code (steps).

The controller that the software is connected to happens to be a SuperSEL controller which has 64 programs max, all drawing on the 3000 program steps available.

Here's how you start program 1:

1.Select program 1 by clicking on the program in the left column.

2.Click on the "Run" button at the bottom of the Run Program Window.

3.Monitor the status in the right column.

After the initial program has begun, other programs can be started and will be running "in parallel" (multitasking) with the initial program.  The Main CPU goes from program to program; executing lines of code in a sequential fashion until the program is either complete or forced to stop.  Here is the screen in the run mode:

Running Programs

Run mode button options:

"Stop" - Stop the program highlighted in the right - hand column.

"Allstop" - Stop all programs currently running.

"Local" - Display the local variables in the program currently highlighted.

As you may have noticed, the program in the third task slot has a "VEL_ERR" instead of the current line of code being executed. This program has "faulted" and stopped running, but the other programs continue to run as normal.

If you encounter any problems, please contact us.

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