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  ELECYLINDER® operation is extremely simple

ELECYLINDER (Electric Cylinder), IAI's new simple electric linear actuator series can be operated only by ON/OFF signal like solenoid valve. It's easy to operate for beginners of electric actuators too.
You can adjust AVD (A=Acceleration, V=Velocity, D=Deceleration) individually by input percentage. It can start/stop at high speed smoothly. Cycle-time and trouble recovery time will be reduced.

SOGO 2023 8KAN(CJ9003 2A) N p1 to p6 Page 3 4

  Model Pickups

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Elecylinder Gripper Type Elecylinder Wide Slider Type Elecylinder Cleanroom Type Elecylinder High Rigidity Radial Cylinder Elecylinder Large Slider Type
Gripper Type
Wide Slider Type
Cleanroom Type
High Rigidity Radial Cylinder
Large Slider Type
ec digital controller banner 4 w1200
ec rotary 3 300x300 1
Rotary Type
ec belt type 300x300 1
Belt Driven Type
ec stopper 300x300 1
Stopper Cylinder Lineup


ec introcatalog 300x300 1
EC Introduction Catalog
ec main catalog 300x300 1
EC Main Catalog
Additional Notes:
200226 01 Attachment

2020-02-26: 4-direction connector cable and an option of RCON-EC connection are added to ELECYLIDER® series

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Cable Models with 4-direction connector:

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